"My BES POST fellowship was a wonderful experience and a great introduction to science policy"

Fay Collier BES POST fellowship recipient



The Education, Training and Careers Committee supports the career development of ecologists through a variety of programmes.

The BES is committed to providing expert careers advice and opportunities to ecologists at all career levels. The BES provides bursaries for A-level students on an In2Science work placement which gives students an opportunity to gain hands on experience in scientific research. The BES has established an Early Careers Working Group to provide direct insight into the contemporary needs of early career ecologists, including our student members. The Society holds an annual Undergraduate Ecological Careers Conference, which showcases a variety of career options including postgraduate study. We deliver bespoke in-house training courses to PhD students. The courses cover employability and careers, academic publishing and science communication. In 2014, the BES launched its first free careers advice webinar series for PhD students and has since expanded the series to support ecologists at all career levels. The BES also delivers an early careers programme at the Annual Meeting which includes plenary lectures, interactive workshops and Q&A sessions with senior ecologists.

Please also visit BES opportunities for the latest job opportunities in ecology.

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