"PhDs often involve insufficient assurance that one is on the right track. The Young Investigator's Prize affirmed my ability to contribute."

Nitin Sekar Harper Prize Winner 2013

BES Trustees

BES Trustees

Trustee_Bill_Sutherland_CroppedBES President: Bill Sutherland, University of Cambridge
For most of his career, Bill’s research interests largely involve predicting the consequences of environmental change. He is an Editor in Chief for Conservation letters, an editor for Conservation Evidence and on the editorial board of Behavioural Ecology and he set up the Gratis book scheme to provide free conservation books to developing countries.

Email Bill Sutherland
Find out more about Bill Sutherland via the University of Cambridge website

Trustee_BardgettVice President and Grants Committee Chair: Richard Bardgett, University of Manchester
Richard graduated in Soil Science at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and then moved to Lancaster University where he gained his PhD. Afterwards, he worked at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research and then Manchester University as a lecturer, before returning to Lancaster where he was Professor of Ecology. Richard recently returned to Manchester to take up a new position as Professor of Ecology.

Email Richard Bardgett
Find out more about Richard Bardgett via the University of Manchester website

Trustee_MickCrawleyVice President and Membership Committee Chair: Mick Crawley, Imperial College, London
Mick Crawley is a population ecologist specializing in the interaction between plants and their herbivores. He was lecturer in Ecology at University of Bradford 1973-79 and has been at Imperial College London since. He is a Trustee of Royal Botanical Garden Kew, and Royal Society representative on the Advisory Group for Chelsea Physic Garden.

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Find out more about Mick Crawley via Imperial College website

Trustee_LesleyBattyEducation, Training and Careers Committee Chair: Lesley Batty, University of Birmingham
Lesley studied Natural Environmental Science at the University of Sheffield and a Masters in Research at the University of Reading she returned to Sheffield to study for a PhD in wetland plant ecology. She now works as a lecturer at the University of Birmingham where she is the Academic Programme Lead for Environmental Sciences and Environmental Management.

Email Lesley Batty
Find out moreabout Lesley Batty via the University of Birmingham website

Trustee_Andrew BeckermanMeetings Committee Chair: Andrew Beckerman, University of Sheffield
Andrew moved to the UK in 1999 after completing his PhD in Ecology from Yale University. Andrew is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at Sheffield. His research focuses on food webs and the evolution of phenotypic plasticity. He was also a BES Council Member from 2007-2010.

Email Andrew Beckerman
Find out more about Andrew Beckerman via the University of Sheffield website

Trustee_julia_blanchard2Council Member: Julia Blanchard, University of Sheffield
Julia is a Lecturer in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences at the University of Sheffield. Julia became a research fellow at Imperial College London, Silwood Park where she still holds an honorary position.


Email Julia Blanchard
Find out more about Julia Blanchard via the Univeristy of Sheffield’s website

Trustee_david_coomesCouncil Member: David Coomes, University of Cambridge
David has a great interest in studying invasive organisms, and is studying the long term affect of deer introduction into New Zealand, and the ability of a forest to recover in areas where the deer population is controlled. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge.

Email David Coomes
Find out more about David Coomes via the University of Cambridge website

Trustee_Thomas_EzardCouncil Member: Thomas Ezard, University of Southampton
Thomas joined the BES Council in 2009 to represent young professional ecologists at the beginning of their careers. He is a postdoc who uses mathematical and statistical models to assess how environmental change affects population and community structure.


Email Thomas Ezard
Find out more about Thomas Ezard via the University of Southampton Website

Trustee_goldbergCouncil Member: Emma Goldberg, Natural England, Peterborough
Emma has a BSc(Hons) in ecology from Edinburgh University and an MSc in Nature Conservation from University College London. She has been attending the Society meetings for over fifteen years, and is an active member of the Forest Ecology Group. She has been working for Natural England (and predecessors) for ten years as a Forestry and Woodland Specialist.

Email Emma Goldberg

Trustee_GoslingCouncil Member:
William Gosling, Open University

William is lecturer in Earth and Environmental Sciences at The Open University he has a wide ranging interest in past environmental change with particular focus on human-climate-environment interactions at low latitudes. He ran the BES Tropical Ecology group (2006-09) and helped to instigate the Early Career Researcher Meetings.

Email William Gosling
Find out more about William Gosling and the Open University via their website

Trustee_Alan_GrayPublications Committee Chair: Alan Gray
Alan retired in 2003 as Director of CEH Dorset, where he’d spent most of his career. His long association with the BES includes, among other things, being a Vice President, Chairing the Ecological Affairs and the Publications committees and, with Malcolm Cherret, being architect of the Society’s first Strategic Plan.


Email Alan Gray

Trustee_Rosie_HailsCouncil Member: Rosie Hails, CEH Oxford
Educated at Oxford University, Rosie moved to Imperial College to complete her PhD. She joined CEH in 1992 and is a Section Head  with interests in disease ecology, ecosystem services and science policy. Rosie is also a senior research associate at the Zoology Dept, Oxford and a visiting Professor at Oxford Brookes. She was awarded an MBE in 2000 for services to environmental research.

Email Rosie Hails
Find out more about Rosie Hails via the CEH website

Trustee_dave_hodgson01Honorary Secretary: Dave Hodgson, University of Exeter
Dave is a population ecologist, with key interests in the maintenance of biological diversity and in empirical modelling of population dynamics. He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter’s Cornwall Campus and was a Member of BES Council 2008-2010. He is an Associate Editor for MEE and for Endangered Species Research.

Email Dave Hodgson
Find out more about Dave Hodgson via the University of Exeter website

Trustee_greg_tnCouncil Member: Greg Hurst, University of Liverpool
Greg is an evolutionary ecologist, principally interested in the dynamics of host-parasite interactions. He is professor of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Liverpool. Greg is also an honorary Reader at UCL.


Email Greg Hurst
Find out more about Greg Hurst via the Univeristy of Liverpool

Trustee_OwenLewisCouncil member: Owen Lewis, University of Oxford
Owen works at field sites in the UK and Europe, but much of his current research concentrates on the community ecology of tropical rainforests and the processes structuring and maintaining their extraordinary diversity. He also serves as an Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Ecology.


Email Owen Lewis
Find out more about Owen Lewis via the University of Oxford website

Trustee_RMitchellCouncil Member: Ruth Mitchell, The Macaulay Landuse Institute, Aberdeen
Ruth is an applied plant ecologist with long standing interests in the impact of a wide range of pressures (grazing, pollution and land use change) on biodiversity, particularly lower and higher plants. Ruth currently works at the Macaulay Institute on changes in plant and soil communities as a result of land-use change.

Email Ruth Mitchell
Find out more about Ruth Mitchell via The Macaulay Institute website 

Trustee_MattOCallaghan_tnCouncil Member: Matt O’Callaghan, University of Birmingham
Matt is currently a PDRA at the University of Birmingham, having completed his PhD in 2011. His research focuses on landscape and urban ecology, particularly of insects.


Email Matt O’Callaghan
Find out more about Matt O’Callaghan via the University of Birmingham website

Trustee_Drew_Purves_CroppedHonorary Treasurer: Drew Purves, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
Drew gained his PhD in ecological modelling at the University of York and spent nearly 6 years as a postdoc in the EEB Department at Princeton University before joining MSR Cambridge in 2007. He is currently the head of the Computational Ecology and Environmental Science Group at Microsoft Research.

Email Drew Purves
Find out more about Drew Purves via the Microsoft Research website

Trustee_paulraven1Council Member: Paul Raven, Freshwater Biological Association
Paul was Head of Conservation and Ecology at the Environment Agency for 15 years before taking early retirement in June 2011. He is now an Honorary Research Fellow at The Freshwater Biological Association where he will continue work on the relationship between river morphology and freshwater biological communities. Paul is also busy co-writing a book on the wildlife of British rivers.

Email Paul Raven

Trustee_EmmaSayerCouncil Member: Emma Sayer, The Open University
Emma is an ecosystem ecologist focussing on the role of plant-soil interactions in carbon and nutrient cycling. Originally from North Yorkshire, Emma grew up in Switzerland and worked in Central America for almost 8 years. Emma is a member of the Tropical Ecology SIG and designed most of the SIG logos. She recently became the associate editor for the BES Bulletin.

Email Emma Sayer
Find out more about Emma Sayer via The Open University website

Trustee_vickeryPublic and Policy Committee Chair: Juliet Vickery – RSPB, Sandy
Juliet ‘discovered’ ornithology as an undergraduate at Oxford, where she remained for a DPhil before moving to the University of East Anglia for a post doc. Juliet then worked for Scottish Natural Heritage before moving to the University of Edinburgh. In 1997 she took up the post of Head of Terrestrial Ecology Unit at the British Trust for Ornithology, after 11 years Juliet moved to RSPB as Head of the International Research Section.

Email Juliet Vickery

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