"The BES' support to the TBA's field course students has literally helped launch their careers."

Rosie Trevelyan Dir, Tropical Biology Association

Education Policy

Education Policy

The majority of our policy work relates to changes in school curriculum content and field and practical work in science subjects, and occasionally developments relating to Higher Education. We believe all young people should have access to field based teaching when they undertake ecological studies and that these experiences enhance their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

The BES responds to education consultations, such as those held by the Department of Education and Ofqual, in most cases through the Society of Biology and SCORE. For fieldwork specific responses, we collaborate with the ASE. We also work to raise awareness of policy developments within the ecological community as well as more widely by encouraging engagement from our members and through actively disseminating our work.

We are often called upon to comment or advise on the ecological content of courses for students under the age of 18. If you are a teacher or someone with a strong interest in engaging with policy relating to schools education please contact the Education Manager to find out how you can join the expert panel informing our work in this area.

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