Science Slam! 2017

Have an ecological story to enthuse over, or a myth that really needs busting?  Something wild, wonderful, or weird that you’d always wanted to talk about, but powerpoint was never quite the right medium? 

Now’s your chance, as 2017 sees the third year of this exciting event – our Science Slam!

Everyone is used to the more traditional methods of presenting science, and there will be posters and talks galore at the meeting, but at the Science Slam we’re looking for different ways of showing off your science.  Previous Slams have seen singing (in full frog costume), stand-up, martial arts, chilli-tasting and an alien striptease, so there’s plenty of scope to flex your creative muscles.

We’re looking for six keen ecologists to take to the stage on the evening of Tuesday 12 December, and entertain your fellow attendees.  Performers will get ten minutes on stage (including questions), and there will be appropriately Ghent-themed prizes on offer, awarded by audience applause.

Sign up by clicking on the button below, and tell us all about your proposed performance!

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Don’t worry if this is new to you; Sam Avery of the Comedy Trust (compère in 2016; spot him in the videos below) will be available to review acts, give feedback and tips of the trade to our Slammers.

Why not check out previous participants for inspiration?

Kirsten Parris – 2016 winner, with the trials of Russel the growling frog .

Rose Woodroffe – 2015 winner, some wee observations on the oft-confusing concept of scientific ‘controlS’.

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Watch all the 2015 videos

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