"The BES prize gave my research international recognition"

Meggan Craft Winner of the Elton Young Investigator prize 2008

Current/Future BES meetings

Current/Future BES meetings

Upcoming BES and Special Interest Group Events


For more details and up-to-date information, or to contact SIG secretaries, please click on the links.


8 – 13
Plant Environment Physiology SIG: International Workshop
Location: Portugal

12 – 14
BES Education: Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Workshop
Location: Margham Discovery Centre

17 – 18
Conservation SIG: Landscape Delivery Scale
Location: Charles Darwin House, London

Citizen Science SIG: Best Practice in Citizen Science: Non-Native Species Workshop
Location: Charles Darwin House, London

Macroecology and Citizen Science SIGs: Data Deficits Workshop
Location: Charles Darwin House, London


BES Introduction to Policy in Scotland (run by the Scottish Policy Group)
Location: Royal Zoological Society Scotland, Edinburgh

BES Policy One-Day Conference (run by the Scottish Policy Group, jointly with Scotland Biodiversity Strategy Science and Technical Group and CIEEM)
Location: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

16 – 17
Joint Plant Environmental Physiology and Plant, Soil, Ecosystems SIG: Carbon Cycling: From Plants to Ecosystems
Location: University of Manchester

24 – 25
Forest Ecology and Peatlands SIG: Waxcap Symposia
Location: Sheffield Hallam University & Longshaw, Peak National Park, Derbyshire.

27 – 28
Conservation SIG: Joint Symposium on Conservation Evidence with the Field Studies Council
Location: Preston Mountford.

30 – 31
Conservation SIG: Invertebrate Ecology with AES
Location: Charles Darwin House, London

6 – 7
NCI: Valuing Our Life Support Systems
Location: British Library, London


9 – 12
Joint BES and SFE Annual Meeting
Location: Grand Palais, Lille, France

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