"As part of the undergraduate fellowship with the BES I developed many employability skills and met countless young ecologists."

Becky Hollely Undergraduate Fellowship

Current/Future BES meetings

Current/Future BES meetings

Upcoming BES and Special Interest Group Events. For more details and up-to-date information, or to contact SIG secretaries, please click on the links.



26 – 28
Tropical Ecology SIG: Systematics Association Symposium: The value of long term monitoring plots for plant systematics and ecology in the tropics.
Location: Edinburgh   

30 – 4 September
Aquatic Ecology SIG: Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems 2015: Evolution, Interactions and Global Change
Location: University of Liverpool


3 – 4 September
Tropical Ecology SIG: Annual Early Career Researcher Meeting: Tropical ecosystems and land-use change.
Location: University of Stirling

9 – 11
Peatlands SIG: Wilder by Design II – Wild Thing
Location: Sheffield UK

Quantitative Ecology SIG: Reproducible species distribution modelling workshop
Location: Charles Darwin House

14 – 15
Quantitative Ecology and Climate Change Ecology SIG: Modelling Climate Change Impacts
Location: Met Office, Exeter

Conservation SIG: Spatial Conservation Planning for the UK
Location: University of York


Forest Ecology SIG: Fire ecology as an emerging discipline.
Location: School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool


2 – 3
Climate Change SIG and Plant, Soils, Ecosystems SIG: Ecosystem contribution to climate change mitigation
Location: Charles Darwin House, London

13 – 14
Peatlands SIG: A Life in Ecology
Location: Sheffield UK


13 – 16
BES Annual Meeting
Location: EICC, Edinburgh, Scotland

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