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Current/Future BES meetings

Current/Future BES meetings

Upcoming BES and Special Interest Group Events. For more details and up-to-date information, or to contact SIG secretaries, please click on the links.



Forest Ecology SIG: PiedFly.Net 2015 annual meeting  
Location: Woodah Farm, Devon Wildlife Trust centre, Devon

Citizen  Science SIG: Partnerships in Citizen Science: past, present and future
Location: Ulster Museum, Belfast

Quantitative Ecology SIG: Demography Beyond the Population – Satellite Workshop on Population Matrix Models
Location: Sheffield University   

24 – 26
BES Symposium: Demography Beyond the Population
Location: Cutlers Hall, Sheffield

BES Education: Webinar 3. Research Careers – Working towards a Permanent contract
Time: 11.00-12.15pm


Ecological Genetics SIG: 59th Annual conference
Location: Edge Hill University

Forest Ecology SIG: Forest insects and their allies 2014: A meeting to discuss current research and future challenges.
Location: Edge Hill University, Lancashire 

Quantitative Ecology SIG: Modelling Climate Change Impacts
Location: Met Office, Exeter

15 – 16
Agricultural Ecology SIG: AEG Annual Conference
Location: Queens, University, Belfast

Conservation SIG and BES Policy: The conservation science/policy interface: challenges and opportunities
Location: Zoological Society of London

Forest Ecology SIG: 1st Annual Forest Invertebrate Meeting: Current Research and Future Challenges
Location: Edge Hill University, Lancashire.

Forest Ecology SIG: Linking ecological research across Wytham Woods  
Location: John Krebs Field Centre, Wytham Woods

Forest Ecology SIG: Fire ecology as an emerging discipline.
Location: School of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool

16 – 18
Parasite and Pathogen SIG: BSP Spring meeting symposium
Location: Liverpool

Macroecology SIG: ‘OpenData and Reproducibility Workshop: the Good Scientist in the Open Science era‘, with Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
Location: Charles Darwin House, London

Methods in Ecology and Evolution Anniversary Symposium
Methods in Ecology and Evolution will be running a symposium to celebrate the success of the journal over its first 5 years of publication, and to look forward to what’s in store for the future.
Location: Charles Darwin House, London and the Dining Center, University of Calgary

23 – 25
Macroecology SIG: NFBR Conference 2015 – A Question of Ecology – Answers from Biological Recording.
Location: Sheffield

27 – 29
Plant Environmental Physiology SIG: 4th Annual PEPG Symposium
Location: University of Southampton and the New Forest


Plant, Soils, Ecosystems SIG: Sequencing metaanalysis workshop
Location: Charles Darwin House, London

Quantitative Ecology SIG: A practical introduction to ecological data science
Location: Bournemouth University

Citizen Science SIG: Understanding Participants
Location: Charles Darwin House

19 – 23 
BES Public Engagement: RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Location: Royal Hospital Chelsea, London

27 – 28
Agricultural Ecology SIG: Valuing Long Term Sites and Experiments for Agriculture in Ecology
Location: Cockle Park Farm, University of Newcastle

29 – 31 
BES Public Engagement: Wychwood Festival
Location: Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire


Citizen Science SIG: Partnerships in Citizen Science: past, present and future
Location: Northern Ireland

14 – 16
Macroecology SIG: EU MACRO 2015 – Joint meeting of the BES, GfÖ and CMEC
Location: Biocenter, University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Forest Ecology SIG: Woodland ecology and management workshop
Location: Wytham Woods, Oxfordshire


Climate Change SIG: Workshop on modelling climate change impacts
Location: London

Forest Ecology SIG: Bringing forest ecology into schools: curriculum, resources and woodland management
Location: Sylva Trust, Oxfordshire

Aquatic Ecology SIG: Aquatic Ecology Annual Meeting, and Summer School for Early Careers
Location: Charles Darwin House, London

7 – 8
Aquatic Ecology SIG: Are Ecosystem Services Academic?
Location: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

13 – 14
BES Symposium: The Ecology and Evolution of Emerging Plant Pests and Pathogens: Challenges to Global Food Security and Ecosystem Reliance
Location: Penryn Campus, University of Exeter, Cornwall

BES Education: Our first Summer School, for talented 1st year ( 2nd Year Scottish) undergraduates.
Location: Malham Tarn Field Centre


26 – 28
Tropical Ecology SIG: Systematics Association Symposium: The value of long term monitoring plots for plant systematics and ecology in the tropics.
Location: Edinburgh   

30 – 4 September
Aquatic Ecology SIG: Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems 2015: Evolution, Interactions and Global Change
Location: University of Liverpool


3 – 4 September
Tropical Ecology SIG: Annual Early Career Researcher Meeting: Tropical ecosystems and land-use change.
Location: University of Stirling

8 – 9
Agricultural Ecology SIG: Rethinking Agricultural Systems; A Session in Permiculture Convergence
Location: London

9 – 11
Peatlands SIG: Wilder by Design II – Wild Thing
Location: Sheffield UK

Quantitative Ecology SIG: Reproducible species distribution modelling workshop
Location: Charles Darwin House


Plant, Soils, Ecosystems SIG: Workshop on “Environmental change and forest soil fungi” Location: Kew Gardens.

Forest Ecology SIG: Waxcap fungi as indicators of ancient grasslands and wood pastures    Location: Sheffield Hallam University

Forest Ecology SIG: The ecology of wood pasture and parkland
Location: Glenamara and Glencoyn National Trust upland wood pasture sites


Climate Change SIG and Plant, Soils, Ecosystems SIG: Ecosystem contribution to climate change mitigation
Location: TBC

Forest Ecology SIG: Treasures of Transylvania – Policy Event
Location: Brussels

13 – 14
Peatlands SIG: A Life in Ecology
Location: Sheffield UK


13 – 16
BES Annual Meeting
Location: EICC, Edinburgh, Scotland

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