"The Fellowship virtually opened up the way to collaborating with many scientists from the UK"

Dr Robert Kajobe Overseas Bursary and Fellowship Award Winner

Meeting Outline, Symposia and Workshops

Joint 2014 Annual Meeting
9 – 12 December, Lille, France

BES and SFE Joint Annual Meeting

Meeting Outline and Symposia

We are very pleased to present our Meeting Outline 2014. There will be exciting plenaries, parallel sessions, social events, and our selected symposia (see below).

The full programme is now available to view online via the BES-SFE Joint Annual Meeting App. You can download a PDF version of the presentations here, but please use our app for more detailed talk and poster information.

The meeting will consist of 12 parallel oral sessions covering a wide breadth of topics; these have now been scheduled in our Oral Session Overview.

Download our Annual Meeting poster and share with your friends and colleagues.

Symposia Titles:

Accelerating ecology and biodiversity research via ecometagenomics: species, communities, and environmental DNA

Simon Creer, University of Bangor, UK
Holly Bik, University of California, USA
W. Kelley Thomas, University of New Hampshire, USA
Dorota Porazinska, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

Biological impacts of climate change: Reconciling macro-scale patterns with local-scale processes

Richard Pearson, University College London, UK
Blake Suttle, Imperial College London and Grantham Institute, UK

Eco-evolutionary feedbacks: theoretical and empirical perspectives

Florence Débarre, University of Exeter, UK
François Massol, CNRS, Lille, France

Ménage à trois: ecological consequences of intricate interactions between plants, microbes and insects

Enric Frago, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Arjen Biere, Netherlands Institute of Ecology, The Netherlands

Ecological Implications of Tree Diseases

Ruth Mitchell, The James Hutton Institute, UK

Ecological networks: from descriptions to predictions

Timothée Poisot, Université du Québec à Rimouski, Canada
Sonia Kéfi, Université Montpellier, France
Daniel B. Stouffer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Extending freshwater management beyond shorelines by linking aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Andrew J. Tanentzap, University of Cambridge, UK

Genomics in marine monitoring: New opportunities for assessing marine health status

Matthias Obst, Göteborg University, Sweden
Elisabeth Paymal, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité (FRB), France

Pan-European Parasite Ecology: Linking Early-Career Researchers

Jon Bielby Zoological Society of London, UK, BES Parasite and Pathogen Special Interest Group
Inês Fontes, The Natural History Museum, UK, BES Parasite and Pathogen Special Interest Group

Reforming and implementing the Common Agricultural Policy, the role of science and the need to understand policy-making

Piero Visconti, Microsoft Research Computational Ecology lab, UK.
Tim Graham, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, UK and BES Conservation Ecology Group
Andras Baldi, Institute of Ecology and Botany, Hungary
Guy Pe ‘er, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Germany


Wednesday Workshop
Fit for purpose: are EU policies delivering for nature? (BES Policy Team)
The field guide to predictive methods in ecology (Computational SIG)
‘Practical issues in Peatland restoration’ – Case study 1: Thorne Moors and the Humberhead Levels. (Peatlands SIG)
Doing and funding effective public engagement (BES Education Team)
Predictive biogeography – forecasting invasive corridors and risk zones for conservation and management of natural resources (Hannu Saarenmaa / Yuliya Fetyukova)
Using digital technologies in the field, or Best Field Apps (BES Education Team)
The calibration and evaluation of Individual Based Models using Approximate Bayesian Computation (Richard Sibly and Elske van de Vaart)
Treating your data right: managing research data in ecology and evolution (BES Publications Team)
Thursday Workshops
Ecosystem assessments – concepts, tools and governance (Aletta Bonn, Stephan Klotz (EEF))
‘Practical issues in peatland restoration’ – Case study 2: The New Forest peatlands. (Peatlands SIG)
Reaching different audiences with your research (BES Publications Team)
Modelling ecosystems on-line – data-model fusion and predicting/quantifying ecosystem service consequences of various land use and climate change scenarios (Ferenc Horvath)
An Introduction to Range Shifter: A platform for modelling spatial eco-evolutionary dynamics and species responses to environmental changes (Justin Travis)
Macroecology meets macroevolution: evolutionary dynamics of niches over phylogenies (Saverio Vicario)
Planning projects for impact and change in the real world (Agricultural SIG)

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