"We were able to put together a packed programme of activities to help introduce the public to key ecological topics."

Anna Bunney Grant recipient

2011 Joint BES/SEB/BS Symposium

Joint BES / SEB / BS Symposium
Stress Responses – molecules, organisms, environments
4 – 7 January 2011
Charles Darwin House, London, UK

This meeting was the first ever joint scientific meeting of the British Ecological Society, Biochemical Society, the Society for Experimental Biology. It showcased leading research on stress responses, and will aim to develop cross-disciplinary research in this area.

A distinguished list of international speakers covered studies from biochemistry and gene regulatory networks through organisms to ecology, ecophysiology and behaviour.

The programme had ample time for offered talks and posters, and opportunities for meeting people outside your discipline, to promote cross-fertilisation of concepts, ideas and methods.

We invited oral and poster presentations, particularly from younger researchers, under the following broad cross-disciplinary sub-themes:

  • Stress responses, cascades and networks: behaviour, physiology, molecules and genes
  • Adaptation to changing environments: evolution and the future
  • Enabling technologies: case studies and scope for application.

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