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Sylvain Pincebourde Winner of the Elton Young Investigator prize 2007

Non-BES Events

Non-BES Events

If you are organising a meeting relevant to ecology and want to include it here, please email Amelia Simpson with details.


AUG 2-6
ICCB – ECCB 2015 Mission Biodiversity, Choosing new paths for conservation. Montpellier, France. Website: http://iccb-eccb2015.org/

AUG 6-7
2nd Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Symposium Turkey 2015. Ankara, Turkey. Further details from: http://eebst2015.bio.metu.edu.tr.

100th Annual Meeting 2015 Ecological Society of America. Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, USA. Website: http://www.esa.org/esa/?page_id=2722

AUG 10-14
15th European Society for Evolutionary Biology meeting. Lausanne, Switzerland. Website from: http://www3.unil.ch/wpmu/eseb2015/.

AUG 17-19
2015 Crayfish Conference. Giggleswick North Yorkshire. Website: http://www.fba.org.uk/other-conferences-and-courses

AUG 17-21
7th European Congress of Mammalogy. Stockholm, Sweden.  Website: http://www.zoologi.su.se/ecm7/registration.php

AUG 23-27
SER 2015 6th World Conference on Ecological Restoration. Manchester, UK. Website from: http://www.ser2015.org/

AUG 24- AUG29
ISME15- International Society for Microbial Biology. Seoul, South Korea. Website: http://www.isme-microbes.org/.

AUG 26-28
Systematics: the science that underpins biology. University of Oxford, UK. Details from: http://www.systass.org/biennial2015/

AUG 30- SEP 4
Aquatic Biodiversity and Ecosystems 2015:Evolution,Interactions & Global Change. Liverpool, UK. Details from: http://www.aquaticbiodiversityandecosystems.org/about-the-conference/

AUG 31-SEP 02
Biomarkers 2015Lab to Industry as Biosignatures to Therapeutic Discovery. Toronto, Canada. Website from: http://biomarkers.conferenceseries.com/

AUG 31-SEP 3
6th Congress of the Italian Society for Evolutionary Biology. Bologna (Italy). Further details from: http://www.evoluzione2015.net/

SEP 1-4
Royal Geographic Society Annual International Conference. University of Exeter, UK. Details from: http://www.rgs.org/WhatsOn/Whats+on.htm

SEP 2-4
Ento ’15 – Insect Ecosystem Services. Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Details from: http://www.royensoc.co.uk/content/res-annual-national-science-meeting-international-symposium-ento-15-2-4-september-2015

SEP 6-9
4th Cichlid Science Meeting. University of Graz, Austria. Details from: http://www.uni-graz.at/~sefck/CichlidScience/home.htm

SEP 7-8
Ecological Networks: Theory, Empiricism and Practice in a Changing World. Bristol, UK. Website: http://www.brc.ac.uk/networksymposium/

SEP 9-11
ICE Coastal Management 2015. Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Website: http://www.ice-conferences.com/coastal-management/

SEP 14-18
14th International Symposium on Aquatic Plants. Edinburgh, UK. Details from: https://sites.google.com/site/aquaticplants2015/.

SEP 15-18
19th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles. Marseilles, France. Details from: http://sites.univ-provence.fr/evol-cgr/.

SEP 17
The Global Oil Supply: Implications for Biodiversity. The Linnean Society, London, UK. Further details from: http://www.linnean.org/Meetings-and-Events/Events/The+Global+Oil+Supply

SEP 20-24
13th International Conference – Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions. Hawaii, USA. Details from: http://www.emapi2015.hawaii-conference.com/

SEP 21-25
ICES Annual Conference 2015. Copenhagen, Denmark. Website: http://ices.dk/news-and-events/asc/ASC2015/Pages/ASC2015.aspx

SEP 21-25
50th European Marine Biology Symposium. Helgoland, Germany. Website: http://marinescienceevents.co.uk/view/event/477

SEP 30-2 OCT
MASTS Annual Science Meeting 2015. Glasgow, UK. Further details: http://marinescienceevents.co.uk/view/event/475

OCT 14 – 15
Wetland Futures Conference: Bridging the conservation gap between freshwater, saltwater and transitional wetlands
Further details: www.wwt.org.uk/wetlandfutures

Nov 3-4
CIEEM Autumn Conference 2015 ‘Reconnecting People and Nature: Opportunities and Challenges’. Showroom Workstation, Sheffield. Further Details: www.cieem.net

NOV 12
Soil Entomology “Celebrating the International Year of the Soils”. Scottish Regional Meeting of the Royal Entomological Society.  Glasgow, UK. Details from: http://www.royensoc.co.uk/content/scottish-regional-meeting-12th-november-2015

Darwin’s Ark: Should Evolutionary History Inform Species Conservation. London, UK. Website: http://www.linnean.org/Meetings-and-Events/Events/Darwins+Ark

DEC 29-3 NOV
2015 Annual Conference of the Ecological Society of Australia. Adelaide Oval, South Australia. Website: https://kaigi.eventsair.com/QuickEventWebsitePortal/esa2015/esa2015

Other 2016

FEB 9-12
Species on the Move – Detection, Impacts, Prediction & Adaptation. Hobart, Tasmania. Website: http://www.speciesonthemove.com/

MAR 7-8
Tackling emerging fungal threats to animal health, food security and ecosystem resilience. The Royal Society. Website: https://royalsociety.org/events/2016/03/emerging-fungal-threats/

APR 26-MAY 1
7th International Conference on Fossil Insects, Arthropods and Amber. Edinburgh, UK. Details from:    http://steppe.org/event/7th-intl-conference-on-fossil-insects-arthropods-amber/

JUL 4-7
The Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting. Brighton, UK. Website: http://www.sebiology.org/meetings/index.php

JUL 24-29

Unifying Ecology Across Scales. Gordon Research Conference, University of New England, Biddeford, Maine, USA. Website: www.grc.org/programs.aspx?id=13261


AUG 15-19

15th International Peat Congress. Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Website: http://ipc2016.com

SEP 5-8
Ento’16 Annual National Science Meeting. Shropshire, UK. Further details: http://www.royensoc.co.uk/content/scottish-regional-meeting-12th-november-2015

SEP 25-30
Entomological Society of America. Orlando, Florida. Website: http://ice2016orlando.org/.

SEP 25-30
ICE 2016. International Congress of Entomology. Orlando, Florida, USA. Website: http://ice2016orlando.org/.

Training Events and Workshops

AUG 5 – SEP 4
Tropical Biology Association course 15/2 – Tropical Forest Ecosystems in Uganda. Details from: http://www.tropical-biology.org/training/courses/future_courses.htm

AUG 17-19
An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology (GIS In Ecology Training Course). Glasgow, UK. Further details from: http://marinescienceevents.co.uk/view/event/484

AUG 28-30
CPD Course: Marine Research Techniques & Conservation. Millport Field Centre, UK. Website: http://marinescienceevents.co.uk/view/event/472

NOV 14 – DEC 14
Tropical Biology Association course 15/3 – Tropical Forest Ecosystems in Madagascar. Details from: http://www.tropical-biology.org/training/courses/future_courses.htm

The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) runs a wide variety of courses for professional development. For further information and availability see www.cieem.net or e-mail enquiries@cieem.net .

The Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling runs a variety of workshops on a regular basis. For further information and availability see www.creem.st-and.ac.uk/conferences.php

University of Oxford Field Techniques for Surveying Mammals & Reptiles. Online course that can be taken for academic credit (10 CATS points at QCF Level 7) or not for credits. Details from http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/ftsmr02.

Training Workshops 2016

The 3rd Biennial ANdiNA International Workshop. Applying transdisciplinary and systems approaches for sustainable weed management. Alberta, Canada. Details from: http://andinaalberta.weebly.com

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