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Lesley Batty Symposium Organiser

Non-BES Events

Non-BES Events

If you are organising a meeting relevant to ecology and want to include it here, please email Amelia Simpson with details.


The Ecology Consultancy’s Professional Series of Training for Ecologists 2014. Details from:  http://www.ecologyconsultancy.co.uk/professional-series-training-programme/

JAN 8-10
International Advances in Pesticide Application 2014. Oxford, UK. Details from: http://www.aab.org.uk

JAN 13-17
The 9th International Conference on Dendrochronology, Melbourne, Australia. Details from:

JAN 19-24
International Symposium on Foraminifera. Concepcion, Chile. Website: http://www2.udec.cl/forams2014/.  

Jan 25
Butterfly Conservation’s 4th National Moth Recorders’ Meeting

Sexual Selection In Snails. An open meeting following the AGM of the Malacological Society of London. Flett Theatre, Natural History Museum, London. Details from:  d.reid@nhm.ac.uk

MAR 6-9
SSSA Ecosystem Services Conference. Soil’s Role in Restoring Ecosystem Services. Sacramento, CA, USA. Website: https://www.soils.org/files/meetings/specialized/ecosystem-services/ecosystem-flyer.pdf

APR 4-6
Butterfly Conservation’s 7th International Symposium – The ecology and conservation of butterflies and moths. Southampton, UK. Website: http://butterfly-conservation.org/4218/symposium-2014.html

APR 14-17
Society for General Microbiology Annual Conference 2014. Liverpool, UK. Website:

MAY 7-8
Sustainable Agriculture – Annals of Applied Biology Centenary Conference. Rothamsted Research, Harpenden, Herts. Website: http://www.aab.org.uk/contentok.php?id=168&basket=wwsshowconfdets

May 14-16
Networks of Power and Influence: ecology and evolution of symbioses between plants and mycorrhizal fungi – 33rd New Phytologist Symposium. Zurich, Switzerland. Website: http://www.newphytologist.org/symposiums/view/4

JUN 14-17
Evolutionary Biology of Caenorhabditis and other Nematodes. Cambridge, UK. Details: https://registration.hinxton.wellcome.ac.uk/display_info.asp?id=390

JUN 18-20
Climatic Uncertainty – It’s Impact on Agronomic Decision Making. Leeds, UK. Website: http://www.aab.org.uk/

JUN 24-28
Special International Workshop on Weeds and Invasive Plants: The 2nd Science Incubator – exploring weeds and their management from novel view points.
10 sponsored places for young European-based researchers within 5 years of having completed their PhD.  Other than getting to Barcelona, the entire event will cost them only 150 Euros! Spain. Website: http://www.andinallanos.weebly.com  

JUL 1-4
Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting. Manchester UK.  Details from: http://www.sebiology.org/meetings/Manchester/Manchester.html

JUL 13-17
BIOGEOMON 2014. 8th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behaviour. Bayreuth, Germany. Website: http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/biogeomon2014/.

JUL 13-18
The 27th Congress for the International Union for the Study of Social Insects. Cairns, Australia. Website: http://www.iussi2014.com/.

JUL 14-17
2nd Annual International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Change, Athens, Greece. Further details: http://www.atiner.gr/ecology.htm

JUL 15-18
Systems biology and ecology of CAM plants. Lake Tahoe, CA, USA. Details: http://www.newphytologist.org/symposiums/view/5

AUG 3-8
10th European Congress of Entomology. York, UK. Details from: http://www.royensoc.co.uk/meetings/20140803_ece2014.htm.

AUG 3-8

9th IsoEcol Conference. The University of Western Australia, Perth.  Details http://www.isoecol2014.org/.

AUG 3-8
9th European Conference on Ecological Restoration, Oulu, Finland. Further details: http://chapter.ser.org/europe/upcoming-events/conferences-workshops/.

AUG 10-15
From Oceans to Mountains: It’s all Ecology – 2014 Annual Meeting. Sacramento, USA.  Website: http://esa.org/am/.

AUG 25-30
Combining experimental and theoretical approaches to understand biogeochemical interfaces in soil at the Goldschmidt Conference. Florence, Italy. Details from: http://goldschmidt.info/2013/

SEP 25-26
Are There Limits to Evolution? Cambridge, UK. Website: http://www.nature.com/natureevents/science/events/20748-Are_There_Limits_To_Evolution

Oct 22-25
Ecological Responsibility and Human Imagination: Saving the Past ~ Shaping the Future. Bar Harbor, Maine. Details from: http://societyforhumanecology.org/she-xx-2014/

Training Workshops

FEB 4-7
Modelling Dynamics In Biology: From History To Practical Examples. Barcelona, Spain. Further details: http://www.transmittingscience.org/courses/syst-bio/intro-system-bio/

May 26-30
Introduction to Individual based models in Ecology using NetLogo. Barcelona, Spain. Further details: http://www.transmittingscience.org/courses/eco/system-bio-ecology/


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