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Professor Rick Shine University of Sydney

Non-BES Events

Non-BES Events

If you are organising a meeting relevant to ecology and want to include it here, please email Amelia Simpson with details.

Other Meetings 2015

MAY 13-15
Benefits and Risks of Exotic Biological Control Agents (open conference of a Working Group of the IOBC).
Bornholm, Denmark.

SEPT 14 – 18
Aquatic Plants 2015: 14th International Symposium on Aquatic Plants.
Edinburgh, Scotland.

Other Meetings 2014

OCT 28
Afternoon seminar on the National Pollinator Strategy, organised by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
Jubilee Room, Parliamentary Estate, Westminster, London

Contact postevents@parliament.uk to attend

Food security and environmental resilience are threatened by the decline of pollinator species, such as bees. This seminar considers the evidence base for Defra’s approach to the problem: the National Pollinator Strategy.

In England, there are approximately 1,500 insect species that pollinate food crops and wild plants, including bees, hoverflies, wasps, flies, butterflies, beetles and moths. Many of these are declining from multiple pressures, such as the intensification of land-use and habitat loss. England’s National Pollinator Strategy aims to address these and other pressures by providing advice on pollinator conservation, improving the evidence base for conservation and implementing a monitoring scheme. The draft Strategy has been assessed by the Environmental Audit Committee, which has suggested that to be effective, it needs further clarity in the approach to Integrated Pest Management, greater integration with the Common Agricultural Policy, and transparency of research into pesticide impacts. A delivery plan is due to be published within six months of the Strategy. This seminar considers the evidence used to inform measures likely to be set out in the delivery plan.


4.00pm Sarah Newton MP, Chair’s Welcome
4.10pm Presentations
Prof. Simon Potts, Professor of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, The University of Reading
Dr. Christopher Connolly, Reader in Neuroscience, University of Dundee
Prof. Jane Memmott, Professor of Ecology, University of Bristol
Dr. Adam Vanbergen, Invertebrate Ecologist, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
5.10pm Discussion
5.40pm Chair’s closing remarks
5.45pm Refreshments
6.00pm Close

OCT 16
Rewilding the UK: Living in the Past or Preparing for the Future? Free public debate. RGS, London.

OCT 11
The Magic of Autumn Bird MigrationStart at Hunstanton Cliffs, moving onto Holme Dunes, then onto Titchwell RSPB. Lunch at Titchwell, then onto other sites along the coast, time and weather permitting.


SEPT 1 – 3
Urban landscape ecology: science, policy and practice. King’s College London. http://iale.org.uk/conference2014

AUG 10-15
From Oceans to Mountains: It’s all Ecology – 2014 Annual Meeting, Ecological Society of America. Sacramento, USA.  Website: http://esa.org/am/.

AUG 14-18
International Marine Conservation Congress. Glasgow, Scotland. Website: http://www.conbio.org/mini-sites/imcc-2014

AUG 18-24
26th International Ornithological Congress. Tokyo, Japan. Details:  http://ioc26.jp/.

AUG 19-22
SCB ASIA 2014 — The 3rd Asia Regional Conference of the Society for Conservation Biology – Asia Section. Melaka, Malaysia. Details from: http://scbasia2014.org/.  

AUG 25-30
Combining experimental and theoretical approaches to understand biogeochemical interfaces in soil at the Goldschmidt Conference. Florence, Italy. Details from: http://goldschmidt.info/2013/

AUG 31-SEP 5
DIOXIN 2014 – 34th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants.  Madrid, Spain. Details from: http://www.dioxin2014.org/

SEP 4-5
Meeting the Challenge of a Sustainable Urban Future: the contribution of green walls. Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent. Details from: http://www.staffs.ac.uk/research/greenwall/conferences/index.jsp

SEP 7-10
Modern Statistical Methods for Ecology. Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. Information from: http://www.stat.colostate.edu/graybillconference/

Ecofil 2014. Ecology of Fish in Lakes and Reservoirs. Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic. Details from: http://www.ecofil2014.wz.cz/.

SEP 8 -12
7th Annual Ecosystem Services Partnership. Costa Rica. Further details from: http://www.espconference.org/ESP_Conference.

SEP 8-11
The Challenger Society for Marine Science 2014 Conference. Plymouth University.Website: http://2014.challenger-society.org.uk/

SEP 10-12
EcoHCC’14 – 3rd International Consference on Ecohydrology, Soil and Climate Change. Tomar, Portugal. Website: http://www.ecohcc.ipt.pt/

14th International Fresenius Conference – The Biocidal Products Regulation. Mainz (near Frankfurt), Germany. Further details from: http://akademie-fresenius.de/english/konferenz/index.php.

SEP 1-4
29th ESCPB 2014 Congress – Changing Environments and Threats to the Health of The Biosphere: Consequences for Wildlife and Humans. Glasgow, Scotland. Website: http://escpb2014.com/

SEP 9-10
Arabidopsis: the Ongoing Green Revolution. University of Bristol. Website: http://garnet2014.org/

SEP 14-18
Wetlands2014 — Wetlands Biodiversity and Services: Tools for Socio-Ecological Development. Huesca, Spain. Details from: http://www.wetlands2014.eu/

SEP 21-23
Biodiversity and Economics for Conservation. King’s College, Cambridge. http://www.bioecon-network.org/pages/16th_2014.html

SEP 22 -23
3rd Annual International Conference on Geological and Earth Sciences (GEOS 2014). Singapore. Website: http://www.geoearth.org/

Arctic Sea Ice Reduction: The Evidence, Models and Global Impact. The Royal Society, London. Website: https://royalsociety.org/events/2014/arctic-sea-ice/

SEP 22-24
First International Conference on Formal Methods in Macro-Biology. New Caledonia. Details from: http://fmmb2014.sciencesconf.org/

SEP 25-26
Are There Limits to Evolution? Cambridge, UK. Website: http://www.nature.com/natureevents/science/events/20748-Are_There_Limits_To_Evolution

Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference, Alice Springs NT Australia. Details: www.ecolsoc.org.au/conferences/esa-2014-annual-conference

SEP 29-30
Italian Society for Climate Sciences – 2nd Annual Conference. Venice, Italy. Website: http://www.sisclima.it/conferenza2014/?lang=en

OCT 6-8
Biogeochemical Interfaces in Soil – Towards a Comprehensive and Mechanistic Understanding Of  Soil Functions. Leipzig, Germany. Details from: http://www.spp1315.uni-jena.de/Meetings+_+Events/International+Symposium+2014.html.

OCT 12-16
International World Congress in Marine Biodiversity. Qingdao, China. Details from: http://wcmb2014.csp.escience.cn/dct/page/1

OCT 12-15
Experimental Approaches to Evolution and Ecology using Yeast & Other Model Systems.
Heidelberg, Germany. Details from: http://www.embl.de/training/events/2014/EAE14-01/

OCT 22
New Perspectives on Climbing Plants.  The Linnean Society, London. Details from: http://www.linnean.org/Meetings-and-Events/Events/New+perspectives+on+climbing+plants

NOV 4 – 5
Communicate 2014: Changing Stories. At-Bristol Science Centre, Bristol.
We are living through a time of immense and accelerated change: environmental, technological and social. Are our well-rehearsed environmental messages and our tried and trusted communications tools still relevant in today’s rapidly evolving world? Communicate 2014: Changing Stories will address this question. For more information and to register: www.communicatenow.org
NERC supported bursaries available for students and early career researchers here: www.bnhc.org.uk/communicate/bursaries/

NOV 10-13
International Conference on the Marine Environment of the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia. Details from: http://www.kau.edu.sa/home_ENGLISH.aspx

Nov 16-20
New Zealand Ecological Society Annual Meeting.  Palmerston North, New Zealand. Website from: http://www.nzes2014.org/page.php?1

NOV 17-21
First MARES Conference Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation.  Olhao, Portugal. Details from: http://www.maresconference.eu/

DEC 8-9
Feedbacks on Climate in the Earth System. Royal Society, London. Website: https://royalsociety.org/events/2014/feedback-climate-system/

DEC 15-17
SEB EPA Symposium: Teaching and Communicating Science in a Digital Age. Charles Darwin House, London. More information: http://www.sebiology.org/meetings/EPA2014/teaching.html


JUN 30- JUL 3
SEB Annual Meeting. Prague. Website: http://www.sebiology.org/meetings/

100th Annual Meeting 2015. Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, USA. Website: http://www.esa.org/esa/?page_id=2722

AUG24- AUG29
ISME15- International Society for Microbial Biology. Seoul, South Korea. Website: http://www.isme-microbes.org/


SEP 25-30
Entomological Society of America. Orlando, Florida. Website: http://ice2016orlando.org/

Training Workshops

The Ecology Consultancy’s professional Series of Training for Ecologists 2014. Details from: http://www.ecologyconsultancy.co.uk/events/

The Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management runs a wide variety of workshops for professional development. For further information and availability see www.cieem.net or e-mail workshops@cieem.net.

The Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling runs a variety of workshops on a regular basis. For further information and availability see www.creem.st-and.ac.uk/conferences.php

University of Oxford Field Techniques for Surveying Mammals & Reptiles. Online course that can be taken for academic credit (10 CATS points at QCF Level 7) or not for credits. Details from http://www.conted.ox.ac.uk/ftsmr02.

Training Workshops 2015

JAN 27-FEB 7
Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data using Canoco. Course focused on ordination methods, with an opportunity to analyse your own data sets. Details from: http://regent.prf.jcu.cz


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