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Aquatic Ecology

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Nessa O’Connor (Queens University, Belfast) and Lee Brown (Leeds University).
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To heighten awareness of and to develop capacity in pure and applied aquatic ecology research. The group was set up to facilitate exchange of information between freshwater and marine ecologist and to further the interests in all areas of aquatic research and to:

  • To bring together aquatic-minded individuals from all sectors, both marine and freshwater, to exchange skills, knowledge and ideas
  • To promote and facilitate interdisciplinary working
  • To stimulate discussion on all aspects of aquatic ecology
  • To hold dynamic and topical workshops and meetings
  • To encourage and support early career researchers

Background to the Group

The Aquatic Ecology Group is one of the Special Interest Groups within the British Ecological Society. Membership is open to BES members with an interest in any field of aquatic ecology.

2014 saw the group re-launch itself with a stronger emphasis on fostering a dynamic group of individuals able to address the broad range of challenges faced by the aquatic community, and to further knowledge in this research area. The BES-AG hosts its annual science meeting around the third week of July each year at Charles Darwin House, London, bringing together established and emerging leaders in aquatic ecology from around the world. It is an excellent forum for meeting people working in similar fields, for socialising as well as for general networking. Members interested in holding additional conferences, meetings, workshops or field meetings on aquatic topics can apply through the Group Secretaries for BES financial assistance and support for student attendance.

Current/Future meetings/Events:

Meeting on Temporary Rivers and Streams
Tuesday 7 June 2016
Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, Clifton Lane, Nottingham NG11 8NS

***Call for contributions (oral papers and posters)***

Intermittent rivers and ephemeral streams are distinctive systems that are expected to become more widespread and face increasing pressures as a result of human activities, such as water supply, and climate change. They support high diversity, provide essential ecosystems services and are functionally part of wider river networks and groundwater systems. However, we need to develop a greater understanding of the current status and impact of pressures upon these temporary watercourses, in combination with appropriate monitoring and approaches.

The meeting will feature invited keynote talks from Prof Paul Wood (Loughborough University) Dr Rachel Stubbington (Nottingham Trent University) and Dr John Murray-Bligh and Dr Mike Dunbar (Environment Agency).

Those interested in contributing a paper or poster on any aspect of temporary stream ecology, hydrology or related discipline should email Dr Judy England by the 29th February 2016 with a 200 word abstract including the title and the
names and institutions of the contributing authors.

Registration is now open!

Conveners: Dr Judy England Environment Agency and Dr Rachel Stubbington: Nottingham Trent University

BES Aquatic Annual Meeting on 21st – 22nd July, 2016
Charles Darwin House, London

Thursday 21st:
Early-Career Researcher workshop

“An Introduction to General Linear Models” with David Orme – Imperial College London

This workshop is designed for people who want to learn more statistical analysis based on general linear models. The course includes a series of lectures and practical exercises that will cover basic regressions, ANOVAS and model fitting. All practical will be run in R.

Registration is now open!

Friday 22nd:
Advances in Aquatic Ecology

Leading aquatic ecologists will present their most recent findings and outline their priorities for future research.

Keynote Speakers include: Alan Hildrew – Queen Mary, Rick Battarbee – UCL , Pavel Kratina – Queen Mary, Wyatt Cross – Montana State , Klement Tockner – IGB, Germany, Angela Gurnell – Queen Mary, Ben Halpern – UCSB, Martin Solan – Southampton, Nova Mieszkowska – MBA UK, Stuart Bearhop – Exeter, Dan Smale – MBA UK

Time will be set aside for discussion during the meeting, there will also be ample opportunity for networking and a social in the evening. Students and early-career researchers are encouraged to present posters and give a “highlight talk” at the meeting.

Registration is now open!

Aquatic Macroecology Meeting, Friday 30th September 2016
Charles Darwin House, London

The main focus of this meeting is to foster the integration of macroecological approaches into the study of aquatic ecosystems. Most predictions about how aquatic systems respond to environmental change require a deep understanding of patterns and processes at different scales. A great deal of what is known about the key processes operating in aquatic systems arises from small-scale empirical and/or experimental studies. The growing interest in integrating macroecological approaches to advance our knowledge about aquatic systems makes this an emerging and exciting topic. We anticipate that the meeting will attract ecologists covering a range of different approaches from mesocosms experiments to large-scale surveys of aquatic biodiversity.

Keynote speakers include: Florian Altermatt, Miguel Araújo, Amanda Bates, Mike Burrows, William Cheung, Maria Dornelas, Michel Loreau, Juliet Blanchard and Luc De Meester.

The meeting is jointly organized by the Aquatic Ecology (BESAG) and Macroecology (BESMacro) Special Interest groups of the British Ecological Society (BES), with additional support from the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme.

Registration is now open!

Email Discussion List

Join the British Ecological Society Aquatic Group (BES-AG) mailing list
The Aquatic Ecology Group runs an email list that is an open forum for discussion among aquatic ecologists all over the world, be they marine, freshwater or brackish. Messages posted to the list are automatically forwarded to all members and include research information, discussion and requests, news of future meetings and job advertisements. To contact the list manager, send an email message to Ronni.

BES-AG Committee:

Nessa O’Connor Co-secretary
Lee Brown  Co-secretary

Miguel Matias     ECR Leader
Billy Hunter       ECR Deputy

Finance Team:

Rebecca Kordas      Treasurer
Lydia White             ECR Treasurer
Mike Chadwick       Annual Meeting Organiser

Communication Team:

Pavel Kratina                      Communication Officer
Marie-Claire Danner          ECR Communication Officer
Ronni Edmonds-Brown   Mail List Manager

Lee Brown  & Nessa O’Connor

Twitter: @BES_AquaEco

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1714750848748071/


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