"I cannot begin to explain how much this grant has changed my research career"

Ara Monadjem 2007 Overseas Bursary

Conservation Ecology

Conservation EcologyConsEcol_final

Secretary: Nathalie Pettorelli


To establish and run the BES Conservation Special Interest Group (SIG) as a main platform for facilitating exchanges between theoretical ecologists, applied ecologists and practitioners interested in conservation issues.


1.    To facilitate the transfer of skills, knowledge and ideas among all SIG members
2.    To support the mission of the BES and its Committees (currently Public and Policy Committee, Education/Training/Careers Committee, Meetings Committee and Publications Committee)
3.    To encourage and support early career members
4.    To facilitate dialogue among BES SIGs on conservation-relevant issues, as well as between the BES and other conservation-relevant societies


1.    To run regular, collaborative meetings and workshops highlighting emerging challenges and/or conceptual and methodological advances relevant to conservation
2.    To identify and organise relevant training and networking opportunities
3.    To support the dissemination of the work carried out by the SIG members
4.    To facilitate the production of syntheses relevant to conservation practices and policy
5.    To support BES journals in their efforts to communicate practical messages to a wide audience


Our group is open to ALL BES members with an interest in conservation. This SIG is also open to non-BES members to encourage them to join the Society. Please get in touch with Nathalie if you’d like to be involved!

Online activity:

The SIG has an active Twitter account (@BESConservation) and Facebook group, as well as a JISC mailing list used to provide regular updates about the group activities to its members

Upcoming events:

Establishing a career in conservation science: a BES/ZSL early career event
4 March
Mappin Pavilion, ZSL London Zoo

Registration and more information can be found here

This one day event, aimed principally at advanced PhD students and early post-docs, will review key skills and knowledge that can enhance prospects for establishing a career in conservation science.

The day will be structured around a series of workshops and tasks facilitated by experts in their field, designed to promote active learning experiences and maximise individual networking opportunities for all. Topics to be discussed include scientific publication tips, funding opportunities for conservation biologists, advises on how to build an online profile, directions as to how to develop a scientific career outside academia, interview preparation tips as well as networking dos and don’ts.

Facilitators include Dr Zoe Davies (Reader in biodiversity conservation, DICE), Dr Nathalie Pettorelli (BES Conservation SIG Chair), Linda DaVolls and Elina Rantanen (ZSL Publication team), Erika Newton (BES Publication team), Ben Connor (BES Policy team), Dr Jon Bielby (ZSL PhD student coordinator), Dr Ben Collen (Reader in Biodiversity, UCL), Dr Colin Beale (Conservation SIG meeting rep and Conservation Biology Lecturer, University of York) and Becky Allen (Journalist and BES Press Officer).

Confirmed Speakers:

Peter Brotherton, Natural England
Bob Smith, University of Kent, DICE
Colin Beale, University of York
Nicholas MacGregor, Natural England
Jenny Hodgson, University of Liverpool
Chris Thomas, Natural England
Atte Moilanen, University of Helsinki

The optional second day will include a hands-on workshop detailing how to use spatial conservation planning and prioritisation tools, such as Marxan and CLUZ.

For further information contact Colin Beale or Kerry Brown.



Deputy Secretary: Claudia Gray
Meeting Officers: Colin Beale and Kerry Brown
Communication Officer: Claudia Gray
Student Reps: Catherine Stokowska and Stuart Patterson
Early Career Reps: Heather Crump and Katherine Baldock
Conservation Society Liaison Officers: Dan Forman and Sarah Dalrymple
Policy Committee Liaison Officer: Darren Evans


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