"As part of the undergraduate fellowship with the BES I developed many employability skills and met countless young ecologists."

Becky Hollely Undergraduate Fellowship

Plants, Soils, Ecosystems

Plants, Soils, Ecosystems GroupPlantSoil_final

Secretary: Ellen Fry

A new BES Special Interest Group on plant-soil interactions, with a focus on biogeochemical cycling, community dynamics, and ecosystem functioning.


– To promote research on plant-soil interactions and their role in ecosystems through workshops, symposia, and events at BES meetings
– To provide opportunities for networking and collaboration among researchers involved in the study of plant-soil interactions and ecosystem ecology
– To serve as a platform to discuss and share techniques, expertise, and data
– To promote research across scientific disciplines to students, facilitate training opportunities in different techniques, and provide support for early-career researchers


The study of plant-soil interactions is a rapidly growing area in terrestrial ecology. Plant ecologists can no longer ignore the importance of soil organisms for plant growth and community dynamics, and soil ecologists increasingly consider plants as major drivers of soil biota and the processes they regulate. Recent research combining aboveground and belowground approaches has shown that plant-soil interactions are a driving force for primary productivity, nutrient and carbon cycling, vegetation dynamics, and ecosystem responses to global change. In tandem with rapid advances in the area of plant-soil interactions, there is increasing scientific and political recognition that soil processes underpin ecosystem services such as nutrient cycling, food production and climate mitigation, and are central to the restoration of degraded soils and sustainable agriculture.

Current / Future Meetings

Connecting Above- and Belowground Researchers Across Scales
April 6-7th 2016
Charles Darwin House, London

Registration is now open!

The Plant-Soils-Ecosystems SIG is pleased to invite you to our annual meeting. This year we aim to connect researchers across career stages, ecosystems and spatial scales with a meeting that will span topics ranging from policy to R problems. Bring a short format talk, bring a problem, bring some data and let’s get started!

Connecting Above-Belowground Researchers Across Scales Flyer


Sign up for our email list by sending an email to listserv@jiscmail.ac.uk Subject: BLANK Message: SUBSCRIBE PLANT-SOIL-ECO Firstname Lastname
Follow us on Twitter @BESPlantSoilEco, or like us on Facebook.


The organizing committee currently consists of:
Ellen Fry, The University of Manchester (secretary)
Mike Whitfield, Trinity College, Dublin (deputy)
Sarah Pierce, Imperial College,
Relena Ribbons, Bangor University and the University of Copenhagen,
Tom Crowther, Yale University,
Michael van Nuland, University of Tennessee,
Richard Bardgett, The University of Manchester, will support the committee in an advisory role.

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