Summer School for Undergraduates

The BES Summer School is aimed at undergraduates who are either in their 1st or 2nd year at a UK or Irish University and is a chance to spend a full week immersed in ecology, ecological research and the wider community.

Outdoor First Aid Training at Malham Tarn FSC with Catie Gutmann Roberts, Phoebe Whitehead, Paula Tierney and Kim Simpson

The 3rd BES Summer School, 17th-21st July 2017.  Dalefort Field Studies Centre, Pembrokeshire

In advance of the BES Summer School we took all 6 PhD students and In2science staff upto Malham Tarn for a weekend of outdoor first aid training.   And we got them very muddy………

All of our PhD mentors have just had a great weekend being Outdoor First Aid trained by Dales Training at Malham Tarn Field Studies Council. We learned a range of potentially life-saving skills from abdominal thrusts to CPR and managing shock. The job of the first aider is to keep the casualty safe until the medical professionals arrive. Due to the sometimes remote nature of field work, we had practice moving a casualty outdoors to a safe space, which involved three people, one to hold the head still and two to move the person with a plastic sheet underneath them. Luckily for us, the Yorkshire Dales provided a very realistic space for scenario practice, with plenty of rain and mud. In the evenings, Karen and our PhD mentors had time to get planning some of the exciting activities we will run and support during the BES Undergraduate Summer School 2017.   It was difficult to decide on a few topics  and we didn’t want to miss anything out, so it has ended up being a jam-packed schedule which should leave everyone adequately enthused and exhausted. All of our mentors have different specialities so along with the main program, we’re hoping to share some of our knowledge on fish parasites, fire ecology, data exploration, science in policy and plant-soil interactions, to name a few!

A stop over at Malham Tarn FSC wouldn’t be complete without a quick walk around the peatland boardwalk to spot some lovely frog spawn and a quick scramble up the many steps from Malham Cove up to the Limestone pavements and then to the Tarn.

We’re all really looking forward to our week in Dale Fort, and we heard an exciting rumour that we might be getting to go to Skomer Island!

Catie Gutmann Roberts and your PhD mentor team

Will Kay, Melanie Edgar and Simon Tarr moving James Ross

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