Chelsea 2017: Delight in the Dark

We are thrilled to be returning to RHS Chelsea Flower Show with 'Delight in the Dark'.

Situated on plot 230 of the Discovery Zone, Delight in the Dark explores the wonderful adaptations that enable plants to thrive in the shade.

The garden demonstrates that by understanding the ecology of shade plants and harnessing their hidden talents and beautiful characteristics, even the most challenging space can be exciting.

Designed by Janina Lileikyte and Lucy Summers, the garden represents an urban basement space. Showing that with careful plant choice it is possible to make shady, overlooked spaces such as these thrive.

We are excited to be bringing iridescent plants to Chelsea, and will invite visitors to interact with these plants using lights and 3D glasses – 3D glasses intensify the perception of iridescence. Staffed by active scientists many of whom work within the botanical sciences, visitors will be able to get up close to the plants and discover the various mechanisms that enable them to thrive in shady areas.

Please click here to read the associated press release.

Please click here to download the  Delight in the Dark_plant list.

Will you be going to Chelsea as a visitor?

If you are attending Chelsea as visitor, make sure you stop by to check out our iridescent plants and find out more about life in the shade. You will be able to find us in the Discovery Zone plot 230.