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Volunteer at one of our events:

We are currently looking for members to join us a two events, Darwin’s Coffee House and the BES Science Slam 2017.

Darwin’s Coffee House

To celebrate International Coffee Day 2017, Charles Darwin House will open it’s doors to the public to explore the science behind our coffee at Darwin’s Coffee House on the 28th and 29th September.

We are looking for ecologists (MSc students upwards) to join us and help deliver our fantastic busking activities to engage visitors with the science of coffee. This is a great way to gain valuable engagement experience, no prior experience necessary!

If you love coffee and communicating science then this is the role for you! The busking activity – a tried and tested method of engaging with the public at the BES – will explore themes of pollination and ecosystem services relating to coffee plants, with the objective to highlight the importance of insects and other animals in completing the journey of coffee from crop to cup.

Individuals will be invited to help staff the BES display and to busk along Roger Street, signposting where Darwin Coffee House will be held. We want to encourage passers-by to pop in for a free coffee and discover the science behind the cup, so enthusiasm and confidence are a pre-requisite for all applicants.

Do you want to join us, or know someone that does? Email for further details

Find out more about the event here.

BES Science Slam 2017

We are looking for six enthusiastic ecologists to take to stage at the BES Science Slam 2017.

Do you have a funny ecological anecdote you want to share, or an ecological myth you that you think needs busting? Then the BES Science Slam will provide you with the perfect opportunity. We are looking for six keen ecologists to take to the stage to entertain an audience with science. This can be through the medium of song, dance, comedy or any other means appropriate!

Individuals will be given eight minutes to perform to the audience, with the winner decided by raucous audience applause. Fun and creativity will be key to the winning performance.

Applications will open soon.


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