"As a young ecologist the BES Undergraduate Fellowship has been inspirational."

Joanne Makin Undergraduate Fellowship

Webinar: Demography Beyond the Population

Publ_CJSFRegister below to view the video recording of our first ever BES Publishing webinar based on our Demography Beyond the Population Special Feature.

The Special Feature is a unique large-scale ecological collaboration including articles in all six BES journals which are available to read for free here. 

Its goal is to highlight the potential of demography to connect across scales and inform a broad range of questions in ecology and evolution.

The following guest editors worked hard to put this Special Feature together:

Register below to see our Chairs Roberto Salguero-Gómez and Alden Griffith plus several international speakers (Johan Ehrlén, Daniel Falster, Maria Uriarte, Marinne Mugabo and Elizabeth Crone) as they discussed these articles and their implications for future demography research.

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