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Sir Arthur Tansley, the founder and first president of the British Ecological Society wrote
these words in the first issue of the
Journal of Ecology
, published in March 1913 and are still
relevant today. When the Society was founded 100 years ago it had two fundamental aims,
to “foster and promote in all ways the study of ecology” and to “present a record of and
commentary upon the progress of ecology throughout the world”.
The Society has kept to the vision of its Founders and since 1913 the
Journal of Ecology
has been joined by
Journal of Animal Ecology
in 1932, J
ournal of Applied Ecology
in 1964,
Functional Ecology in 1987 and in 2009 our newest and first purely online Journal,
Methods in Ecology and Evolution
. The first journal editors recognised the need for reporting
international research and the journals continue to publish the best ecological research
from around the world.
The membership is the heart of the Society and to celebrate our centenary we asked
over 100 eminent ecologists to nominate the paper they felt to be the most influential
either personally or in the science of ecology. It has led to a truly inspiring and interesting
selection with commentaries reflecting our shared interest in the science we all enjoy.
I hope you will join in celebrating our centenary; we’ve developed a full programme of
activities and an online version of the papers so you can join in the discussion and nominate
your own choice.
Professor Georgina Mace CBE FRS
President of the British Ecological Society
“A journal of wide scope and high
standard, which would furnish both
a record and a continuous criticism
of ecological work…furthering the
interests of ecologists throughout
the world”
Sir Arthur Tansley
Sir Arthur Tansley
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