100 Influential Papers - page 5

as important, long half-life of papers. It is this latter
point which underpins the success of many if not all
of the papers included here. We have every reason to
think that they will continue to be accessed and cited
for years to come, as will many other papers in the
Society’s journals.
All the commentaries included here are also being
published on the Society’s website, often in more
extended format, many with references to related
work, and all with links to the papers themselves.
Our hope is that website users will interact with that
material, giving their views about the papers we have
included, and writing about papers that they would
have included. We hope that readers of this booklet
will engage actively in this exercise.
Staff from the BES have looked after the booklet design
and production and setting up of the website. We are
particularly indebted to Lindsay Haddon for editorial
work in the early stages of the project and to Julie
Hodgkinson for extensive help in the later stages.
Peter Grubb and John Whittaker
The Society does not want to wait another hundred years for the next review, so our
plan is to canvass ecologists’ views in the next few years to find out which, if any,
new papers should be included.
We would love to hear from you! Did you read it in detail? Have you used it in teaching?
Which paper do you think should have been included? Is there a paper that greatly influenced
you personally?
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