100 Influential Papers - page 6

Functional Ecology
Functional Ecology publishes
high-impact papers that enable
a mechanistic understanding of
ecological pattern and process
from the organismic to the
ecosystem scale.
Because of the multifaceted nature of this challenge,
papers can be based on a wide range of approaches.
Thus, manuscripts may vary from physiological,
genetics, life-history, and behavioural perspectives for
organismal studies to community and biogeochemical
studies when the goal is to understand ecosystem and
larger scale ecological phenomena. Functional Ecology
is open-minded about the variety of data, research
approaches and types of studies it publishes. Certain
key areas continue to be emphasised: studies that
integrate genomics with ecology, studies that examine
how key aspects of physiology (e.g. stress) impact the
ecology of animals and plants, or vice versa, and how
evolution shapes interactions among function and
ecological traits.
Journal of Animal Ecology
Journal of Animal Ecology
publishes the best original
research on all aspects of
animal ecology, ranging from
the molecular to the ecosystem
level. These may be field,
laboratory and theoretical
studies utilising terrestrial, freshwater or marine
It is our aim to publish articles detailing novel and
important work that will challenge the way animal
ecologists think. We encourage submission of papers
that (i) make significant advances to the field of
study in terms of development of ecological theory
or methodology; (ii) address questions of importance
and/or current interest; and (iii) generate insights that
extend beyond the study system utilised.
High impact
No page charges
Rapid high-quality review
Fast publication times
Excellent promotion of papers via social media channels
Additional press and media coverage on selected papers
Option to publish open access
British Ecological Society Journals
The British Ecological Society publishes five
high-impact journals, covering a broad range of
ecological science and connected disciplines.
Containing over 100 years of content, these
journals are ably directed by teams of expert
Editors, and supported by over 200 Associate
Editors and a number of experienced editorial
office staff. There are many benefits to
publishing in BES journals, including:
1,2,3,4,5 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,...48