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Journal of Ecology
Journal of Ecology publishes
original research papers on all
aspects of the ecology of plants
(including algae), in both aquatic
and terrestrial ecosystems.
We aim to bring important work
using any ecological approach (including molecular
techniques) to a wide international audience and
therefore only publish papers with strong and
ecological messages that advance our understanding
of ecological principles. Experimental and theoretical
studies of plant communities, populations or individual
species are accepted, as well as studies of the
interactions between plants and animals, fungi or
bacteria, providing they focus on the ecology of the
plants. The research presented must transcend the
limits of case studies and must be of general interest
to ecologists.
Journal of Applied Ecology
Journal of Applied Ecology
publishes novel papers that
aim to drive forward the field
of applied ecology by providing
a high-quality evidence base
for scientists, managers and
The high-impact papers contained in this journal are
on the interface between ecological science and the
management of biological resources. Contributions
are encouraged that use applied ecological problems
to test and develop basic theory, although there must
be clear potential for impact on the management of
natural systems. The Journal covers all major themes
in applied ecology, such as conservation biology, global
change, environmental pollution, wildlife and habitat
management, land use and management, aquatic
resources, restoration ecology, and the management
of pests, weeds and disease, but does not normally
publish papers that are purely methodological in focus.
Articles that interact with related fields are welcomed
providing that their relevance to applied ecology
is clear.
Methods in Ecology
and Evolution
The BES’s newest journal,
Methods in Ecology and
Evolution, promotes the
development of new methods
in ecology and evolution,
and facilitates their dissemination and uptake by the
research community.
An online-only journal, Methods in Ecology and
Evolution brings together papers from previously
disparate sub-disciplines to provide a single forum for
tracking methodological developments in all areas,
publishing papers in any area of ecology and evolution,
including phylogenetic analysis, statistical methods,
conservation & management, theoretical methods and
practical methods, including lab and field.
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