Strategic aims

As we set into our second century, our Strategic Plan provides a framework for activities over the next five years.

British Ecological Society image of underwater image of leaves

Our vision is:
A world inspired, informed and influenced by ecology

Our mission is:
To generate, communicate and promote ecological knowledge and solutions.

Our major goals are:

1: Communicate world-leading ecological science

We will provide a robust, diverse and innovative range of communication channels to advance ecological science and understanding. We will be seen by the international ecological community as the best platform for the communication and dissemination of their work to their peers.

2: Generate, synthesise and exchange ecological knowledge

We will support producers and users of ecological science in the generation, synthesis and exchange of ideas and knowledge. We will do this by; catalysing innovation in ecological science, fostering a vibrant and strong ecological community, providing outlets for ecological knowledge, and encouraging interdisciplinary work.

3: Share the excitement and relevance of ecology

We will engage in a dialogue with our members to share the relevance of ecological science, and show how it can meet national and global challenges. We will increase our public outreach activity, and the capacity of ecologists to communicate with different audiences. We will raise our profile and the influence of ecology across government, business and the third sector.

4. Inspire, engage and recognise talent

We will maintain and enhance a strong, vibrant and responsive global community of ecologists. We will increase engagement with and among all present and future members to foster their abilities and skills to achieve a world informed by ecology.

5: Build a sustainable, resilient and efficient Society

We will grow and diversify our membership to ensure the Society continues to thrive. We will increase our variety of income streams and monitor income and expenditure trends to ensure financial stability. We will continue to develop our staff so they have the right skills to support the Society and operate more efficiently.

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