English Policy Group Vacancies

About the Engish Policy Group

The BES English Policy Group (EPG) will link ecologists and policymakers and promote policymaking informed by ecological science. It will present the scientific evidence rather than campaigning on particular issues. The EPG policy work will align with the BES mission to advance ecology and make it count. This will include operating within a wider proactive model for BES policy work, meaning that the EPG will not only react to policy opportunities (such as consultations) but will also focus on identifying key policy opportunities to increase the BES policy impact.   

The EPG will organise events (such as ‘Pie and a Pint’ events and policy training workshops) focused on policy priorities and processes in England, prepare briefings to members about the latest English policy news and respond to particularly important consultations and inquiries. The activities that will be carried out will be agreed with the EPG, following the development of the EPG Strategy document.  

We would expect that once established the group will meet no more than four times per year and always online. 

Roles available 

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The Chair will be critical in the formation of the EPG and its success, through chairing EPG meetings, leading on the development of the EPG Vision and Strategy document, working with BES staff members to agree agendas and voting on EPG matters. 

English Policy Group Chair

The Vice-Chair will be responsible for deputising for the EPG Chair in the instance that the Chair is unavailable for an EPG meeting or activity. The Vice-Chair will also be involved in establishing the EPG, developing the EPG Vision and Strategy document, the Terms of Reference and putting together the first EPG event. 

English Policy Group Vice-Chair

The EPG Core Members will be involved in establishing the EPG, the EPG Vision and Strategy document, the Terms of Reference and putting together the first EPG event. They will also have a key role in designing and carrying out all EPG activities. 

English Policy Group Core Member