Get involved – information sharing in the ecological community

We are looking for people to get involved by providing feedback and advice on a new project to facilitate information sharing in the ecological community. Our vision is to create an interactive online platform that allows applied ecologists - researchers and practitioners - to browse and search a wide variety of applied ecological content including grey literature reports, journal article summaries, and open access articles.

The aims of the project are:

  • To improve the discoverability and preservation of ecological knowledge
  • To increase the flow of information within and between academic and practitioner groups
  • To promote evidence-based decision-making for issues affecting the management of biodiversity and the environment
  • To identify knowledge gaps and enable practitioners to communicate their research needs

We are looking for people with a range of expertise and experience to contribute to aspects of the project including:

  • Advisors or committee members to provide input on strategic direction
  • Advisors and representatives of ecological organisations to explore potential partnerships
  • Participants for focus groups to provide feedback during the development of the resource
  • Ambassadors to promote the project through their networks

Level of time commitment is flexible, and participation could be in person or remotely by email or conference call.

If you are interested in being involved and would like to hear more, please enter your details in this form:

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