Join a SIG Committee

Our 19 Special Interest Groups each have Committees, and they are looking for people to join to help contribute to their group's activities

Our 19 volunteer Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide a focus of activity in specific areas of ecology and organise meetings and events throughout the year. Their Committees are made up of voluntary leadership roles, from Secretaries to policy representatives, to social media positions, who all work together to organise events and reach out to their communities.

If you’d like to get involved in the running of one of our SIGs below, apply today! You can also find out more about our other SIGs here.

Invasion Science Group


The BES Invasion Science SIG is looking for an enthusiastic, early-career invasion scientist to take on the role of secretary, to move the SIG forward and build on its recent successes.

The main aim of the SIG is to provide space for communication and collaboration between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers in invasion science. The voluntary secretary role is a great opportunity for an early-career invasion scientist to network with others in the field, build new research links and collaborations and to obtain valuable experience in organization and leadership.

If you are interested in taking up this role, please contact the Invasion Science SIG at with a short explanation of your interest, and a CV by 2 March 2020.

Forest Ecology Group

Deputy secretary

This role will focus on helping to develop and run exciting workshops, conferences and other events for the SIG community and attend Committee Meetings. We want to expand what we do, and we’d like you to help!


To help with managing the SIGs event budgets and all things financial! This isn’t a big job, so we’d love for you to come up with ideas of what you think people might want from our SIG and then help us design and run these events. It’s not just counting the pennies!

Blog Officer

Communication channels are the main point of contact between the Committee and our SIG community. This role ensures that the communications going out to the community are relevant, informative, interesting, and helps to promote the activities of the SIG, particularly to advertise upcoming SIG events! We want bigger, better and more exciting content, so this role will oversee our blog and help to generate new and interesting material to put up on our website. From cutting edge research to current topics, this can be an exciting space to bring content from all aspects of forest ecology to the community. Creativity, diversity and exciting ideas all welcome!

If you are interested in any of the roles above please get in touch at