President Elect Vacancy

We are currently seeking an exceptional leader within the ecological community to head the Board of Trustees.  The BES is a thriving, successful learned Society and we are looking for someone who has the vision and enthusiasm to take the organisation further.

The President holds the Board of Trustees and Executive Team to account for the Society’s mission and vision.  They provide inclusive leadership to the Board, ensuring each trustee fulfils their duties and responsibilities for the effective governance of the BES. The President also supports, and, where appropriate, challenges the Executive Director.  They ensure that the Board of Trustees functions as a unit and works closely with the entire Executive of the BES to achieve agreed objectives. The President acts as an ambassador and the public face of the BES in partnership with the Executive Director.

The BES Board of Trustees is the governing body for the Society, setting and maintaining the vision of the BES and developing a long-term strategy.  The Board also creates and monitors policies to govern Society, ensures compliance with the governing document, ensures accountability and makes sure resources are used effectively.  The Board works closely with the Executive Director.

The Board of Trustees comprises officers of the Society, including the President, Committee Chairs and three Ordinary Members.  The three Ordinary Members represent specific ecological communities; early career, ecologists working outside HEIs and research institutes, and ecologists working in academic research.

In December 2018 we are seeking an ecologist to become the President Elect and to take over the Presidency in December 2019 when the current President’s term of office ends.

For a full description of the roles of a BES Board of Trustee member and President see below.

Application for the role is by a covering letter of no more than 2 sides of A4, stating how you meet the requirements of the role and a CV.  The deadline receipt of applications is 10:00 BST on 2 July 2018 and it should be emailed to the BES Executive Director, Dr Hazel Norman.

There are four Board meetings a year, one of which takes place during the Annual Meeting in December.  The President is also a member of the BES Finance Committee which meets up to four times a year.

The BES covers the travel expenses of trustees attending Board and Committee meetings and also the registration and accommodation costs of attendance at the Annual Meeting and BES Symposia.  New trustees have an induction session and there are opportunities to take part in trustee training.  The term of office is one year as President Elect, two years as President and one year as Past President.

Trustees are elected by the membership through an electronic ballot and the results of the election are announced at the AGM which is held during the December Annual Meeting. In 2018, our Annual Meeting will be held in Birmingham.

If you have any queries about the role please get in touch with Hazel Norman, BES Executive Director.