Quantities of plant nutrients in heather ecosystems.

Published online
18 Jan 1965
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Robertson, R. A. & Davies, G. E.

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Yields of heather herbage ranged from 3238 to 29, 261 kg DM/ha. The latter stand contained 39, 56, 17, 8 and 192 kg/ha of Ca, K, Mg, P and N, respectively. It is estimated that the maximum loss by burning heather on a 10-yr rotation would be about 28, 43, 12, 7 and 119 kg/ha of Ca, K, Mg, P, and N, respectively. Over the same period the input of Ca and Mg in precipitation would be more than adequate and the input of K almost adequate to compensate for these losses. Losses over 10 yr by the sale of livestock grazed on heather areas were extremely low (1, 1 and 2 kg/ha of Ca, P and N, respectively). F. s.-J.G.G.

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