Bush-control studies in the drier areas of Kenya. IV. Effects of controlled burning on secondary thicket in upland Acacia woodland.

Published online
27 Nov 1967
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Thomas, D. B. & Pratt, D. J.

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Africa South of Sahara & Kenya


Observations on two burning regimes during a 3-year period in Machakos district (5200 ft. alt., rainfall 25 in./year) showed that these thickets can be cleared by burning. The five thicket species were all tolerant of one fire, but differed in susceptibility to subsequent fires; removal of Acacia brevispica (the most fire-tolerant) by hand or arboricides rather than by repeated burning is recommended. [Cf. F.A. 28 No. 637. KEYWORDS: Acacia brevispica \ Acacia \ Grazing aDd pasture \ Silviculture \ Weed trees and shruhs control burning \ Weed trees and shruhs \ chemical control \ Weed trees and shruhs control mechanical

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