Reafforestation and nutrient reserves in the humid tropics.

Published online
11 Nov 1970
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Journal article
Journal title
Journal of Applied Ecology

Cornforth, I. S.

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Trinidad and Tobago


Measurements were made of the changes in reserves of plant nutrients in leaf litter and surface soil that occur when tropical evergreen forests and marsh forests in N. Trinidad are cleared and replanted with Pinus caribaea. N decreased for 4 years after the original forest was burnt, but after 10 years the reserves had regained their initial values. Reserves of P, however, decreased for 7 years and were not regained. Increases in reserves of K, Ca and Mg attributable to burning were lost after 4 years. Reforestation reduced reserves most in the steepest and wettest area, where 74% of the original reserves were lost in 6 years.KEYWORDS: Conversion natural forests \ plantation \ Pinus caribaea \ plantations \ in Trinidad \ plantations \ vs. natural forests \ Soil fertility and nutrients fertility relation \ forest vegetation \ Soil fertility and nutrients fertility relation \ particular tree species \ Soil formation processes \ prof

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