A note on the root growth of barley.

Published online
19 Dec 1972
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Kirby, E. J. M. & Rackham, O.

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Barley cv. Proctor was grown in 2m × 2 m plots and at maturity a trench was dug at right angles to the rows of plants. Pin-board sampling showed that a substantial proportion of the root weight lay > 60 cm deep and that roots penetrated to at least 2m. There was appreciable extraction of water down to 1.2 m depth. Root dry weight was highest with 800 plants/ m2 and the roots were more concentrated in the upper layers of the soil than at lower plant densities. Root dry weight at the lowest levels was greater at medium (200/m2) than at low density (80 plants/m2). RB.

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