A model for simulating transpiration of leaves with special attention to stomatal functioning.

Published online
19 Dec 1972
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Penning De Vries, F. W. T.

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A dynamic model of a water-containing and water-conducting system is described, representing a non-growing, transpiring leaf with an attached root in a nutrient solution. The simulated transpiration rate is determined by environmental conditions and leaf conductivity, the latter being mainly under stomatai control. A hypothesis of stomatai functioning based upon the interaction between guard cells and subsidiary cells is presented. The control mechanism of the guard cells is assumed to be affected both by present and past plant-water status, light intensity and CO2concentration in the leaf, which depends on photosynthesis and diffusion rates. The function of subsidiary cells is taken to be affected only by present and past plant water status. Experiments are simulated to evaluate the model, which is written in the computer simulation language CSMP. RB.

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