Control of vegetation succession by means of soil fabrics.

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07 Sep 1972
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Grime, J. P. & Loach, K. & Peckham, D.

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Placement of fabric of appropriate mesh-size on or under the soil surface was examined as a possible means of constraining seedling growth and root penetration. In glasshouse and field studies with tree seedlings, Quercus rubra roots and Fraxinus americana shoots were constricted by the mesh. In F. americana, constriction was accompanied by stomatal closure and die-back of the shoot which could have been related to a release of toxic concns of zinc from the galvanized iron mesh used in this instance. Surface fabric appears to be able to restrict the growth of large seeds, but further trials are required to assess the potential of fabrics for the control of vegetation succession.-J.L.M.

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