Some effects of afforestation on the flora and fauna of an upland sheepwalk during 12 years after planting.

Published online
16 Dec 1989
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Journal article
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Journal of Applied Ecology

Sykes, J. M. & Lowe, V. P. W. & Briggs, D. R.

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On an area of 139 ha in Cumbria, UK, planted in 1972 with Picea sitchensis, Tsuga heterophylla, Larix leptolepis, L. × eurolepis and some exotic shrubs, the number of vascular plant species recorded in systematically placed quadrats changed little in the first 9 yr: 27 species disappeared, 83 species remained, 29 species appeared. Number of species per quadrat decreased significantly after 9 yr in P. sitchensis and T. heterophylla plantations. Numbers of species of birds and mammals feeding and breeding increased from 1972 to 1984, but the species composition had changed.

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