Special Profile: Integrating ecology and the social sciences.

Published online
15 Apr 2009
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Journal issue

Philipson, J. & Lowe, P. & Bullock, J. M.

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This special issue contains 10 papers providing information on the integration between ecology and social sciences. Topics covered include: contrasting approaches to statistical regression in ecology and economics; taxonomy of quantitative methods and a review of their use in agro-ecology; modelling the coupled dynamics of moorland management and upland vegetation; valuing nature conservation interests on agricultural floodplains; geographical variation in carbon dioxide fluxes from soils in agro-ecosystems and its implications for life-cycle assessment; a novel, integrated approach to assessing social, economic and environmental implications of changing rural land-use: a case study of perennial biomass crops; the spatial aggregation of organic farming in England and its underlying environmental correlates; examining agricultural trends, habitat change and stakeholder perceptions through the 20th century; and integrating local knowledge into models of red deer habitat use.

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