Wildland Fire in the Appalachians: Discussions Among Managers and Scientists, Roanoke, Virginia, USA, 8-10 October 2013.

Published online
04 Feb 2015
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Bulletin; Conference proceedings

Waldrop, T. A.

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These proceedings contain papers presented at the 'Wildland Fire in the Appalachians: Discussions Among Managers and Scientists', held in Roanoke, Virginia, USA, on 8-10 October 2013. The objective of the conference was for fire managers and researchers to learn from each other so they could better understand and work together on problems specific to the highly diverse Appalachian Mountains. The conference design was unique: it was neither a research symposium nor a managers' meeting, but rather a synergy of both. Over 40 speakers were invited to discuss research updates, management experiences, and successful technology transfer. Research topics included plant and wildlife ecology, fire history, invasive plants, season of burning, and other topics. Managers shared experiences on how to apply fire to the landscape, how to work with media and the general public, and updates to fire management tools such as smoke prediction models, LANDFIRE, and IFT-DSS. A highlight was success stories from programmes such as the Fire Learning Network, State Prescribed Fire Councils, and interagency cooperation.

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