Local livelihoods in the context of deforestation and forest degradation: a study of three regions in Madagascar.

Published online
18 Mar 2015
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Bulletin article

Plugge, D. & Rabefahiry, T. & Ramamonjisoa, B. & Köhl, M.
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daniel.plugge@uni-hamburg.de & essa-forets@essa-forets.org & bruno.ramamonjisoa@gmail.com & michael.koehl@uni-hamburg.de

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Madagascar & Africa South of Sahara


The high value of Madagascar's flora and fauna that can be found in the remnants of primary and secondary forests requires sustainable forest management practices to reconcile the needs of the local population and the demands for biodiversity and ecosystem conservation. This study analyses different local contexts of deforestation and forest degradation in three regions in Madagascar representing different types of forests and livelihood strategies. It shows that a better understanding of local contexts and peculiarities is essential in order to appropriately address direct and underlying causes of deforestation and forest degradation and to incentivise sustainable forest management.

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