Ecology of forest soils: an exploratory study on ecological functioning of forest soils on sandy soils.

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26 Aug 2015
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Jong, J. J. de & Bloem, J. & Delft, S. P. J. v. & Hommel, P. W. F. M. & Oosterbaan, A. & Waal, R. W. de

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The soil of a forest is a driving factor for the functioning of the forest as a production system of ecosystem. It is the medium where soil organisms live and plants root. The soil holds water and nutrients, which are supplied to plants and soil organisms. Plants on their turn supply the soil with organic matter. These processes and functions largely determine what organisms live in the soil and how the function. The soil and it's functioning is largely influenced by forest management and external (environmental) conditions. Knowledge of the factors influencing the functioning of the forest soils is therefore important for a sustainable management of forests. This report outlines an inventory of the knowledge available of this functioning of Dutch forest soils.

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