Proceedings of the Regional Seminar-Workshop on Harmonizing Methods in Risk Assessment and Management of Forest Invasive Alien Plant Species in Southeast Asia, Bogor, Indonesia, 2-5 December 2014.

Published online
16 Dec 2015
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Bulletin; Conference proceedings

Fernandez, J. C. & Shono, K. & Barett, K.
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This proceedings contains papers focusing on forest invasive plant species, considering that Southeast Asia's forests are becoming very susceptible to plant invasions due to various human disturbances. These papers deal with the current global protocols, guidelines, and specific country experiences in risk assessment and management of invasive alien species. A comparative analysis is also given of the available information gathered from the country reports of the participants, showing that, although the country reports may not be comprehensive enough, they have nevertheless provided an overview of the successes gained and challenges besetting the participating countries as regards controlling and managing invasive alien plant species. Highlights of group workshop discussions on the current general and specific gaps in the risk analysis process including proposed solutions to address these gaps are also presented. The general recommendations agreed upon by the participants and resource persons on the seminar-workshop topic are also included.

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