Nature Ambition Great Waters and implementation of the Delta Programme: identification of administrative and organizational leads.

Published online
23 Mar 2016
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Veraart, J. & Fontein, R. J. & Tol-Leenders, D. van

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This report describes the thematic and organizational similarities and differences between the national Delta Programme (DP) and the Nature Ambition for rivers, lakes and sea (NAGW). The objective was to identify promising subjects, governance networks and investment programmes for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs in which the NAGW philosophy could be mainstreamed. The analysis was done for the rivers, the river estuaries, and the lake IJssel area. The Wadden Sea and Dutch coast were beyond the scope of this research. Most promising subjects/projects for alignment of the NAGW philosophy can be found in 'Room for the River' projects and projects that aim to (partially) restore estuarine dynamics. Both policy trajectories are also in favour regarding the 'Building with Nature' approach in the lake IJssel area. The investment programmes focused on improving water quality (water framework directive) and improving the spatial economic structure (MIRT) offer more opportunities to mainstream the NAGW philosophy within national water management compared to the national Flood Protection Programme (HWBP). European research and knowledge exchange funding programmes in the field of nature conservation, such as LIFE and EFRO, offer also opportunities for interdepartmental knowledge exchange with the regions.

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