Third Session of the Central Asian and Caucasus Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission, Baku, Azerbaijan, 2-4 June 2014.

Published online
13 Jul 2016
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Bulletin; Conference proceedings

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English & Russian
Tajikistan & Azerbaijan & Central Asia & Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan & Mongolia & Republic of Georgia & Turkey & Ukraine & Uzbekistan


The Third Session of the Central Asian and Caucasus Regional Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission was held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 2 to 4 June 2014. The Session was attended by representatives of four Members: Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkey. The session was also attended by the following invited states: Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The Commission adopted the scientific and technical advice and recommendations on the following issues which were submitted to the Commission for its consideration by the Technical and Advisory Committee (TAC): (i) inland fisheries stock assessment; (ii) regional strategic principles for climate change; and (iii) fish breeding and broodstock management. The technical advice and recommendations were found valuable in respect of the priority and needs of the Central Asian and Caucasus region. The Commission also underlined the importance of the gradual implementation of the technical and scientific advice of TAC in CACFish competence area. The Commission approved the framework for a regional strategy and associated principles for aquatic animal health management in CACFish area. The Commission discussed its five-year Regional Work Programme (2011-2015) and endorsed 2014 work programme of the TAC. The CACFish Secretariat briefed the key works and activities that were conducted during the intersessional period. The Commission adopted its 2014 autonomous budget as USD180 000. In respect of the working module of the TAC, the Commission agreed on (i) re-naming of the existing type of regular gathering type of TAC, called "Session" to "Meeting" and (ii) organization of the third Meeting of TAC in 2015; (iii) organization of TAC Meetings minimum every two years (biennial) after the third Meeting (2015); and (iv) if deemed necessary by any member and adopted by the Commission, organization of one or more intermediate meetings. The Commission agreed to continue on providing financial support for attendance of both the Members States and Invited States at the events of Commission and its subsidiary bodies. In this regard, Commission decided to financially support the participation of two representatives and one representative from Members and Invited States, respectively.

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