The CAP after 2020: outline for a redesign.

Published online
12 Apr 2017
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Vogelzang, T. & Berkhout, P. & Doorn, A. van & Jongeneel, R. & Poppe, K. & Smit, B. & Terluin, I.

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European Union Countries


The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has undergone many changes in the last fifty years. It has added a variety of new objectives including the management of natural resources and rural development and has seen a sharp revision of its policy tools. The structure of the CAP post-2020 is currently being considered. This study makes several recommendations for this new structure with the intent to connect the CAP to three domains: (A) Income of farmers in the European Union; (B) sustainability objectives for nature, environment and climate; (C) competitiveness and regional development.

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