APAARI Strategic Plan 2017-2022: pathways to strengthened agri-food research and innovation systems in Asia and the Pacific.

Published online
12 Jul 2017
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Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions
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Asia & Pacific Rim


This strategic plan creates a road map through which the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) and its partners and stakeholders can collectively contribute to the realization of the vision for strengthened research and innovation for sustainable agricultural development in the Asia-Pacific region beyond 2015. The strategic plan directs APAARI, its partners and other stakeholders to focus on four main themes and their respective outcomes and to contribute to the development of agri-food systems (AFS) in the Asia-Pacific region. These themes are: (i) mobilization, management and use of natural resources for sustainability; (ii) management of risks and uncertainties; (iii) inclusive development and integration of value chains targeted at benefiting smallholders; and (iv) analysis, strengthening and formulation of public policies and overarching regulatory frameworks in support of the transformation and development of AFS. APAARI programmes (knowledge management, partnerships and networking, capacity development and advocacy) and its cross-cutting areas (women and youth, and foresight and visioning) are aligned with and designed to contribute to the four priority themes and their development outcomes. Key strategies, specific strategies and indicative activities under each programme area are outlined. Indicators of success are also set out for each strategy. Strategies for APAARI governance and development are also presented.

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