A monitoring network to detect the impact of climate change on tree biodiversity and carbon in Amazonian floodplain forests.

Published online
21 Feb 2018
Content type
Bulletin article; Conference paper

Honorio Coronado, E. N. & Draper, F. C.

Publication language
Amazonia & Peru


This paper addresses the following questions: (1) how do tree diversity and floristic composition vary in the floodplain forests?; (2) how much carbon is stored in the floodplain forests?; (3) Which factors determine spatial variation in diversity, composition and carbon stocks?; and (4) Which environmental changes and human activities have determined the present and will influence the future floristic composition and carbon stocks of these forests? It is established that floodplain forests are an important component of the lowland forests of the Peruvian Amazonia. These forests are highly dynamic and may be sensitive to changes in climate. To ensure the different ecosystem services such as species diversity and carbon are maintained, the floodplain forests in Peru should be priority for conservation and forest management.

Key words