Ecosystem services in State Forest Management areas.

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04 Oct 2018
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Hendriks, K. & Schuiling, R. & Schipper, P. & Bouwma, I.

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For use in the annual report of the Dutch State Forest Service, Staatsbosbeheer, an estimation is made of four ecosystem services delivered by forests and nature areas managed by the State Forest Service. It is roughly estimated that these terrains contribute for about 49 million m3 to the annual drinking water production in the Netherlands; 38 Mton to the bio-related carbon pool, and 4,8 kton to particulate matter deposition (PM10). Further it is estimated that the city park Haagse bos in The Hague, is about 1,6°C cooler than the surrounding built-up area. In the method used, data from literature is used to produce key figures for ecosystem characteristics. This data together with the areas of management types, determine the results to a great extent. Improving the method by incorporating management and weather circumstances more detailed, will improve estimations of annual variation in ecosystem services deliverance.

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