Improving climate risk transfer and management for climate-smart agriculture: a review of existing examples of successful index-based insurance for scaling up.

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02 Jan 2019
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Adegoke, J. & Pramod Aggarwal & Rüegg, M. & Hansen, J. & Cuellar, D. & Diro, R. & Shaw, R. & Hellin, J. & Greatrex, H. & Zougmoré, R.

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Africa South of Sahara & USA & Africa & India & Nigeria & West Africa


This review consists of a collection of case studies providing the basis for further exploring the function of index-based risk management tools towards the promotion of climate-smart agriculture. The cases reviewed include the Assurance Récolte Sahel (ARS) in West Africa, the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative (R4), and the Agriculture and Climate Risk Enterprise (ACRE) Africa, as well as the country cases of India, USA and Nigeria.

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