Influencing adaptation policy: the role of policy entrepreneurs in securing ownership and climate action in South Asia.

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06 Mar 2019
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Tanner, T. & Rizwan-uz-Zaman & Acharya, S.
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UK & Odisha & Punjab (Pakistan) & Afghanistan & Assam & Bangladesh & Bihar & Chhattisgarh & India & Kerala & Maharashtra & Nepal & Pakistan & South Asia


This paper combines perspectives and theories on policy influencing from the literature with empirical examples from the Action on Climate Today (ACT) programme in South Asia, to populate a typology of influencing strategies for adaptation to climate change. ACT is a five-year £23 million programme funded by UK Aid that works in partnership with the national governments of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan and seven sub-national governments (India's Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Odisha and Maharashtra, and Pakistan's Punjab) to strengthen systems of planning and delivery for adaptation to climate change. It helps build capacity to integrate climate adaption into policies, plans and budgets, and to attract climate change investments. This paper will be of interest to all those seeking to influence policy on climate change adaptation, and in particular those designing and providing technical assistance to support national and subnational governments to mainstream adaptation into their development policies.

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