Climate change for forest policy-makers: an approach for integrating climate change into national forest policy in support of sustainable forest management, version 2.0.

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26 Jun 2019
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The paper is based on a governance framework that recognizes eight essential elements of forest governance. These elements, which include stakeholder participation and cross-sectoral coordination and cooperation, are key factors for the success of a coherent approach to addressing forests and climate change. The actions outlined in the document are intended to contribute to countries' efforts to achieve sustainable forest management. The paper is divided into four sections. Section 1 provides the background, aims and suggested application of a coherent approach for integrating climate change into national forest policy. Section 2, which provides guidance at the strategic level, outlines the major outcomes that countries may seek to achieve regarding the essential elements of the governance framework. Section 3 offers operational guidance for reaching the outcomes identified in Section 2. Possible actions to be taken under each element of the governance framework are divided into four stages of the policy process: evidence collection and analysis; planning processes; implementation; and monitoring and evaluation. Section 4 presents a list of useful information resources and tools.

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