Production behavior analysis of Beijing ecological farm.

Published online
02 Jan 2020
Content type
Bulletin article; Conference paper

Li NingHui & Li LiYuan & Yang DongQun

Publication language
China & Beijing


This article analyzes the development of ecological farm in Beijing based on the survey of 14 ecological farms. It is shown that most of the farms are financially supported by government finance and funds in their establishment in order to support the development of ecological agriculture. The main products produced in most farms are vegetables with livestock as sideline, and half farms have no authorized certification of non-pollution, green, or organic products because of high cost and/or credibility, which is unfavorable to the development of ecological farm. The universal problem of ecological farms in Beijing is that the scale of production of most farms is too small. In other words, the development of ecological agriculture in China is somehow out of line with the market demand. More attention should be paid to some key issues such as production management models, operation philosophy, etc., in order to meet the market conditions and behaviors, as well as the demand of ecological environment.

Key words