Progress report on agricultural nature and landscape management: contribution to the 2018 rural development programme annual report.

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17 Jul 2020
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Boonstra, F. G. & Nieuwenhuizen, W.

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At the beginning of 2016 there was a first version of the new agricultural nature and landscape management system (ANLb). Since then, hard work has been done by the national government, the provinces, RVO, BIJ12, BoerenNatuur, the agricultural collectives and other parties involved in the ANLb to further strengthen the system. To this end, they carried out improvements in the area of intensifying management and organization, knowledge development and knowledge sharing, improving policy and management monitoring, simplifying rules and procedures, professionalising collectives and improving area cooperation. The improvements are ultimately aimed at increasing the ecological effectiveness of the system. In addition, simplification of rules and procedures is also expected to reduce implementation costs. The professionalisation of collectives involves their development into strong area partners who, in addition to carrying out effective management, can also contribute to integrated area processes. Since the introduction of the ANLb, the amount paid to the collectives per management year has increased: from more than 42.4 million euros in 2016 to more than 61.4 million euros for the 2018 management year. The net area used in the habitats and for the water category managed via the collectives has grown since 2016 from 64,293 hectares in 2016 to 77,351 hectares in the 2018 management year.

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