What are the forthcoming legislative issues of interest to ecologists and conservationists in 2018?

Published online
23 Jul 2020
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British Ecological Society
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Bulletin article

Sutherland, W. J. & Burke, E. & Morrison-Bell, C. & Clements, A. & Martin, J. & Mitchell, C. & Monk, K. A. & Bieberstein, K. R. von & Thompson, D. B. A.
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European Union & UK & European Union Countries & England & Scotland & Wales & Northern Ireland & Europe


This paper covers the eighth assessment of the forthcoming legislation that are considered to have likely consequences for the environment or for ecologists. Issues of a global scale, those in the European Union (EU), and those in the United Kingdom and constituent countries are reviewed. Marine biodiversity in areas beyond natural jurisdiction, forest biodiversity and sustainable development, environmental pollution, Brexit, Fitness Check Water Legislation, invasive alien species regulation, common agriculture policy, multi-annual financial framework, plastics strategy, common fisheries policy, The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, Climate Change Bill, Crown Estate Bill, Planning Bill, Grouse Moors and Deer management, Well-being of Futures Generation (Wales) Act (2015), Environment (Wales) Act 2016, Marine management, Recycling and circular economy, National Development Framework, New Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations, Wales Act 2017 and impact of impasses on Brexit related matters were discussed.

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