A response from the British Ecological society Scottish Policy Group to the Scottish Government's Consultation.

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25 Jul 2020
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British Ecological Society
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UK & Scotland


The Scottish Policy Group is a group of British Ecological Society (BES) members promoting the use of ecological knowledge in Scotland. It acts as a focal point to provide robust ecological evidence to the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and wider society. The BES Scottish Policy Group welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Scottish Government's consultation. Their approach to the consultation is in line with the BES position: to make the best scientific evidence accessible to decision-makers and is based on the expertise of their membership. This paper presents the response from the BES Scottish Policy Group to the Scottish Government's consultation, addressing questions 5 and 6 in Part 1 - Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting: (Q5) What do you think will be the impact of the loss of engagement with the EU on monitoring, measuring, and reporting? and (Q6) What key issues would you wish a review of reporting and monitoring requirements to cover?

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