Creating desirable futures for nature: the Nature Futures Framework.


The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services expert group on scenarios and models undertook work to co- create desirable scenarios of nature that not only reflect the diversity of values that humans have for nature, but are also applicable in different contexts. The process started in September 2017 in New Zealand with a workshop to create a set of desirable future visions for nature with a diverse group of stakeholders from 31 countries around the world. This paper describes the research process of developing the Nature Futures Framework (NFF) and how it is the starting point for a longer-term process to co-create a new set of desirable nature-centred scenarios. NNF aims to provide a simple way to illustrate a complex mixture of values for appreciating nature. It is an actionable framework for opening up more perspectives in the creation of nature scenarios whilst ensuring consistency for models and other research.

Key words